Monday, September 29, 2008

The county fair

Well we took our annaul trip to the county fair. Rex works for the county and works the fair so we have been going for the past several years. It was Wesley's first trip of course and he was wonderful. My two sisters, Alicia and Jessica, went with us. We met up with my brother and sister in law and their two girls, Jake, Allison, Emma and Belle. The girls seemed to enjoy theirselves as well. Max is learning quick that the fair means all the good food. My father in law goes to fairs just to eat. He had his corn dog, ribbon fries, lemonade, and funnel cake. He was dissapointed that we got the bouncy things too late. He only got to go down the slide. We have to remember to that first next year. It is so nice to have family that I not only love but that I geniunely enjoy spending time with. I can't wait until the next one!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cooking, playing, and potty training...

I come from a long line of really good cooks in my family. I always loved to be in the kitchen with my mom growing up and she blessed me with the gift her mother gave her and that is being a good cook. Max is always wanting to be in the kitchen and help. Rachel Ray is right. She always says "If you kids cook it, they will eat it." I have never found anything that Max didn't help cook that he wouldn't eat. It helps he isn't a picky eater either. Well on Wednesday night Max found some left over birthday candles and wanted a cake to put them in. So I looked through my beloved church cookbooks and found a simple recipe for a coffee cake and Max made it with a little help from mommy. I measured for him but he poured and stirred the ingredients, greased the pan, and poured the batter then put on the topping. He was so proud of himself. I don't know if I will ever have a girl so I hope to pass the cooking abilities on to my sons. As long as he wants to help, I will let him. I put some pictures in so you can see the fruits of his labor.

Max had started playing outside on his own some. This is a big step because he used to would not even go out on the porch by himself because danger might get him. Today he was outside playing with our dog Ranger. I had just changed Wesley's diaper and went to the sink to wash my hands. I looked out the window and he was sitting next to Ranger in the grass. Max looked like he was panting and thought he was pretending to be a dog. Well the dog proceeds to turn and start licking himself well Max turns around and starts trying to lick him behind. I wish I would have had the video camera on my. For several minutes he continued to copy the dogs actions. He is so funny sometimes!

We are still not completely potty trained but he is finally going number 2 on the potty some. Well I have been telling him for a couple weeks now when the current pack of pullups were gone, we would be done with the pullups. I found that he will go to the potty if he doesn't have one and we are somewhere away from home but once we were at home he would break out the pullup and use them. Yes, he undressed himself put the pullup on and clothes back on and then would go to the bathroom. Well tonight was the end of pullups. I was dreading it too because he still will wet in them at night sometimes. I was getting his pj's on him and when I told him to leave his underwear on we had a little bit of a freak out. He searched the entire house for a pullup because he didn't believe me when I said they were gone. Rex was out with his cousin so he puts a call into dad that says, "Daddy, this is serious! We are out of pullups! I can't go to bed without a pullup!" The kid cracks me up! We finally got him to bed but it wasn't easy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I love having a baby again!

Most of you know I was very anxious about having a second baby. I loved having Max but he was a very demanding baby that never slept. It has been wonderful having a good, well sleeping baby. Wesley is such a joy and I wonder what I was so worried about. Of course it has been an adjustment but it hasn't been hard and life already wouldn't be the same without this precious new boy I am blessed to raise. We went for his 2 month check up today and he had to get 4 shots and an oral vaccination. Poor thing is running a little temp but he is a champ. He has started smiling all the time and cooing. It is so much fun to see him change everyday, grow, and start hitting milestones. I know he will as big as Max before I know it. I wonder all the time where 4 years has gone and he can start school next year if I so choose. It is just hard to believe. What a wonderful thing these precious gifts we are given-our children.
FYI- the picture above is the picture that will hang in Parkridge East Hospital when they are done with the remodel. Wesley was one of the babies chosen from their baby photo contest. Isn't he beautiful! Yes, I am a little predjudiced but he is my baby!

Monday, September 15, 2008

You may be a redneck if...

Max loves music, all kinds of music. I typically listen to our local Christian station J103 and Rex is more of a classic and southern rock guy. So we have mommy's music and daddy's music. To Max, daddy's music is Lynrd Skynrd and Led Zepplin. He likes to play his guitar to daddy's music. Yesterday during children's church (4-6 year olds) I was informed that he each child got up and sang a song by themselves. The first little boy sang Jingle Bells, the second little boy sang jingle bells again, two little girls got up and sang a Hannah Montana song, and then Max got up and said "I am going to sing Lynrd Skynrd!" He proceeded to sing most of the words to 3 steps. So you may be a redneck if your child goes to church and sings Lynrd Skynrd at children's church! You never know what they will do!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ok, I started this a long time ago and never did anything with it. I am going to try to start it up again. I am enjoying my friends blogs so I decided to join everyone in the journey. Look for updates soon!