Sunday, August 12, 2012

Long time, no post

I came here tonight to look for a specific post, which is not here. How in the world did I not blog out my baby's 1st day of school?? That said baby is starting 2nd grade tomorrow and I really don't like how fast my babies are growing up on me. I sure did see a whole lot of memories here and it reminded me yet of again of why I love to blog and how much I miss it! Let's hope I can slow down long enough to actually do some posting this year!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Better late than never

I know, I's been 9 months since my last post. I love blogging and I really have over a year's worth of things to blog about but I have no spare time. Life is super busy. I guess that is just how it is when you have two boys, one is in school, both playing ball, working part time, running my cake business, and oh yeah I'm a stay at home mom. No wonder I'm busy!

Quick catch up on life around here and all the goings on this past year.

Max is doing great in first grade and I can't believe there are only 6 weeks of school left. He is doing great in reading and math and has gotten the highest marks all year on his report cards/progress reports. (They don't do letter grades yet at his school, they do numbers till the upper grades.) He lost both of his front teeth in late October and had his new front teeth before Christmas. I loved that snaggle tooth smile while he had it! He played basket ball for the first time this year and after the first couple of games ended up loving it. We just started spring baseball and he is doing great. He already hit a home run, several doubles, and triples. If only I could get the child to run faster. :) He is still taking piano and is doing great. His teacher said he will be an excellent pianist and has the most natural talent of any child she's had in a long time. He is learning his first classical piece which makes me super excited. Learning to play classical music was the reason I wanted to play piano growing up. He really wants to learn to play the guitar and mandolin, I have promised him if he stuck with piano this year and did well that we would add one in next year. He is still my sweet, tender hearted boy but is definitely getting that sass and big boy attitude that I'm not enjoying. He has started drawing and really has a lot of natural talent. I guess I should stop being surprised by all of his talents but he amazes me all the time. I can't wait to see what plans the Lord has in store for this amazing kid of mine.

Yes, I'm a mom and I can brag on my kids anytime I want. :)

Now for little wild man Wesley. Wesley is still my sweet, loving, beautiful baby boy but we are having some behavioral issues and he was just diagnosed with PDD-Pervasive Development Disorder with Sensory Seeking Sensory Processing Disorder. I'm so thankful to have found this out and so excited about getting him the help he needs through Occupational Therapy and maybe even some physical therapy. This child definitely tests my patience and can be very trying at times. He is strong willed and stubborn but he is hilarious and super affectionate. It's a roller coaster ride with him but I couldn't imagine how quiet and probably even boring my life would be with out him. He goes to preschool one day a week while I work on Tuesday mornings and he really likes it. He's made lots of little friends, he has Spanish every week, and they tie everything back into Jesus and his love for us. We are still going to Bible Study Fellowship on Thursdays and he likes it there, too. He is finally potty trained so he is an official big boy. Even though it's super nice to be a diaper free household it's sad not to have a baby in the house. He loves being outside and spending time with his daddy. He is a big helper and loves to work. He started playing T-ball and LOVES it. Every day he asks when he does he play again. He had to get stitches last week after he fell in the parking lot running to practice. He was so brave! He didn't cry at all and watched the doctor do the entire thing. I was shocked. Again, my kids amaze me. He has a huge imagination and talks non stop. He loves to play dress up and we go to many places dressed as a super hero, fire man, or police man. Boy, he always keeps me on my toes. I know God placed this little guy on the earth to do some great work for Him and I can't wait till the day I see all the many facets of his personality used for that purpose.

Even though life overwhelms me a lot, I am just so blessed to be the mother of these two precious boys. I am by far not the perfect mother. I make mistakes, lots of them, loose my temper, run around like a crazy person and I don't always set the example that I should but I am so thankful for the love and forgiveness my children give me. I was convicted from this weeks BSF study in Ephesians 4 to speak the truth in love (vs 15)  and to walk worthy of the calling I have received with humility and gentleness, with patience, accepting one another in love (vs1-2). Right now my calling is to be those two boys mom and I am going to strive do a better job of walking worthy of this calling I have been given.

Well, that's a tidbit of what's been going on around here and let's hope this won't be the last post for another 9 months!!