Monday, March 30, 2009

Publix and Food Lion Savings 3/30/09

Food Lion
2 12 packs Diet Dr. Pepper
2 containers of Atheno Feta Cheese
1 bag yellow onions
2 lbs yellow squash
1.5 lbs red grapes
4 jars Gerber baby food
2 packages boneless Chicken tenders
1 package boneless skinless chicken breast
1 small box of Huggies wipes

Total before savings $49.98

Total OOP $18.09

Sorry not photo, got home to late from church to take one! :)

2 containers Clorox wipes (rain check from last week)
2 small boxes of Huggies wipes
1 loaf Publix bread
10 jars of Earth's Best Baby Food
2 packages of Wrigley's gum (free)
2 3 bars packs of Dial Soap
2 Contessa Frozen Family Meals
1 bag of Dorritos
1 Knorr Side (penny item)
1 box 300 count Q-tips
2 boxes Kellogg's Fiderplus bars
2 cans of olives
2 2-packs of Gerber 2nd foods
2 packages of Perdue chicken fingers
1 bundle of bananas
1.5 lb of Boar's Head Deli Meat
1 bag of Fresh Express Salad
1 cantaloupe
1 bag of oranges
1 gallon of Publix Drinking Water

Total savings $72.71

Total OOP $32.24

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patty cake anyone?

Wesley learned to clap on the way home from Atlanta on Sunday. He has been trying to do it for a few weeks but finally got the hang of it. Now he loves to clap and whenever you say yeah he will start to clap. Here a few pictures and of course I had to get it on video! :)

On the way down we stopped at the Varsity for lunch, Max's choice. We hadn't been there since he was Wesley's age. What'd ya have? What'd ya have? Max had a naked dog and a frosted orange. He of course wouldn't wear his hat for any pics but I snapped one while we were walking out the door.

Max and his Aunt Shia playing Super Man at Nanny Scott's house.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eight years ago today

Today is our eight year anniversary. Eight years, I can't believe it. It really just doesn't seem like it's been that long. I remember how excited I was that day. We were engaged for a year and a half so I was very ready for the big day. I was so blessed to have family and friends help us in every way possible. Everything went just the way I wanted it to.

It drizzled rain off and on all day but they say rain on your wedding day is good luck. I remember driving to get my hair done that morning then going to the church and meeting everyone else to get ready. My mom did my makeup and everyone helped me get dressed.

It's funny how as a young girl you imagine how this momentous occasion in your life is going to be. It's this fairytale kind of thing. You can't really image what and how your day will be. Then all of a sudden it your day and it is really happening. It was such a world wind of a day for me. It was like everything was happening in fast forward. The day was so full of excitement and anticipation. It is a magical moment, one of the few in life that really does come to life for a women. This day you dream of, marrying your prince charming, and having all those you love there to support you. Oh, what a babies we were at 20 years old and starting out our lives together.

I can honestly say that my day was perfect. Everything was just as I wanted it and had planned. My mom did her best to give me everything that I wanted. It was my perfect day.

Well today in the here and now, I have feed 2 boys three times today, I have changed many, many diapers, I have made a special cake for my prince charming, cleaned house, did laundry, and finally taken a bath. This life is not a fairy tale but I wouldn't trade it for all the fairy tales in the world. I do love that this, our together life, was started in fairy tale sort of way. Maybe one day soon we will get to celebrate our not so fairy tale life with a quiet, just the two of us dinner!

Here are a few pictures from our special day. They may be a little blurry, I need to get a new scanner! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Publix savings 3/23/09

My savings today:

2 Trop 50 orange juices
1 Yoplait plus yogurt
3 Publix reusable shopping bags
1 Smart Balance Spread
1 Smart Balance Butter blend (free)
6 boxes Hamburger Helper varieties
1 box Low fat Honey Maid Graham crackers
1 package Gwatley hot dogs
2 Betty Crocker cake mixes
3 boxes frozen Green Giant veggies
1 bag Fast Fixins Chicken Nuggets
2 containers Planters Dry- Roasted Peanuts
1 Quaker Blueberry Muffin Breakfast Bar
1 bag Spring Mix salad
1 whole chicken (in the fridge not pictured)
1 box Kellogg's Raisin Bran
1 bottle Snuggle Fabric softner
1 bottle All small and mighty free and clear
1 roll Publix paper towels (penny item)
1 package Keebler cookies
1 Mega pack of Angel soft bathroom tissue
1 bag Fuji Apples

Total before savings $103.60
Total out of pocket $43.73
Total savings 59.87

Not Me! Monday

Since Wesley has really started pulling up all the time I did not take tons of pictures of it. I did not make this picture larger so you can see those two bottom teeth that came in either! Not me!

I never ever leave my camera lying around where Max can reach it and take pictures without me knowing about it. I would never ever post a picture of Wesley who obviously had been crying a while beacuse I was trying to finish cleaning out a closet and with my living room a disaster because I was cleaning out closet and drawers that day. Never, not me!

I would never take pictures of my boys the first time they took a bath together. I would never put Wesley's tub in the tub of water and let Max take his bath along with him in the baby tub. I would never let Max do that just because that is where Max wanted to take a bath with his brother.

Again, I did not take tons of pictures of Wesley pulling up on everything. It does not bother me in the least that he is pulling up and trying to let go of everything already either! No, none in the least!

I would never ever give my child an unopened tooth brush to play with while I tried to do some work on the computer. No never. I have never look down at that child to find that he had opened the tooth brush, took it out of the package, and was chewing said toothbrush.

I would never take a picture of the empty toothbrush container. That would just be silly! Not me, no never!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is in the air

We have taken advantage of our rather spring like weather this week. I put Wesley in the grass for the first time on Tuesday and he didn't like it all. He loves to be outside though. Every time I open the front door he squeals with delight! Max has been able to expend some of his never ending energy as well. That always helps. Wesley had a pretty rough week with lots of fussiness, crying, and having to be held. His top tooth broke the skin last night so I am assuming this was the case for the bad week. Here are some pics of the boys enjoying the nice weather.

Testing the edges of the blanket. It didn't help that there is hay all over the front yard. My father in law dropped a bale of hay in the yard last week when going to feed the cows.

Brothers and best buddies!

I moved to the side of the yard where it was more grassy.

Mommy, what are you doing to me?

He really didn't like the feel of the grass. This is what he did every time he touched it.

Max playing ball.
Here is what Wesley thinks about being outside...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kreativ Blog Award

I was given a Kreativ Blog Award from my friend Alicia! Thanks Alicia! Now I get to share 7 things that I love and pass the blog award on to 7 other bloggers whose blogs I enjoy reading! I do enjoy reading Alicia's blog but thought since she was already awarded to award it to someone else!

Seven things I love:

1. Crafting:
I enjoy all types of crafts from scrap booking, sewing, floral arranging, and painting. I am always wanting to learn something new. I do not crochet of knit and I would love to learn both. I have very slowly picked up cake decorating and I am going to take some classes in the next few months. I am a not a seamstress by any means but I love making simple things for my boys, family, and friends. I love to scrapbook but don't seem to find the time since my second child was born but I will pick back up one of these days! I have been doing florals since I was little because my mom did them when I was growing up. I get all my craftiness from my mom. Thanks for the great genes mom!

2. Being a stay at home mom:
I have known since I was very young that I wanted to be a wife and a mother. Always in school when someone would ask me what I wanted to be, that was my answer. It was not a very good answer to most but that I have always felt it was my calling in life. I was never very ambitious about a career choice because it was never where my heart was. I knew as soon as I had a baby I would be at home and not at the job anymore so it was never my focus. Now of course, I regret not finishing college since I will be returning sometime in the future to finish. I still pray every night the Lord will direct me in the career path he wants because I know one day I will have to return to the work world. I am excited to see what plans he has for me. I am thankful to have a husband that believes my being at home is the best thing for our children and family as well. It wouldn't be possible to be a stay at home mom without the support of my husband. Thank you, baby!

3. Cooking:
I always remember being in the kitchen with my mom. When my mom went back to work at a job outside of the school system and didn't get off work until 5:00, I started cooking supper for our family a lot of nights. It has always been something I enjoyed doing. I had my first dinner party when I was in high school. I try to cook most every night and I usually cook at least 5 nights out of the week. I love trying new recipes but somehow most of the time I end up making the things I grew up eating and making with my mom. I love trying to make my mother's and grandmother's dishes and make them turn out just like theirs. Why your cooking never tastes exactly the same as someone else's with all the same ingredients is so puzzling to me. It must to pots and pans! :) My sister's always call me if they can't get a hold of mom and need some cooking advice. The middle sis is good for something every now and then! I am trying to pass this love onto Max since he has shown an interest in it. We will see!

4. Family:
I am so blessed to have a such a wonderful family. My parents and siblings are always there when I need them. My boys are so blessed to have both set of grandparents that love them and want to spend as much time as possible with them. They all spoil my babies rotten and I think that is great! Don't get me wrong it can make Max a little bratty sometimes but that comes with the territory. I actually enjoy being with my family and love our Sunday afternoons together. We go on vacation every year together and always enjoy it and each other. I still have both of my grandmothers and we try to make as many trips to see them as possible. I am glad my boys are getting to know their great grandmother's as well. Max was 2 when Rex's grandmother died but Max still remembers things about her. I am glad Rex has extended family here so the boys have cousins their age they can play with. That was something I really missed growing up without extended family around. We try to spend as much time as we can with them.

5. Special outings and birthdays:
I love doing special things as a family. An outing to me is a chance at making memorys. I love living in such a family friendly city that offers so many opportunities for family outings. We had so much fun this fall doing all kinds of things like pumpkin picking, hay rides, camp fires, and parties. We go to Gatliburg with my family for our annual trip in the winter but we try to go at least two more times through the year. We love going to the park with friends, the Creative Discovery Museum, the zoo, and Coolidge Park. Max loves going on train rides and riding in the church bus for our day trips with church. I love birthdays! I love planning Max's birthdays and seeing the joy he gets from it. He loves his parties and starts planning them right after one is finished. I am so excited about Wesley's first birthday and started planning it after he turned 6 months old. There is just something about having one day out of the year that is your special day. I always loved my birthday growing up and want to make it a special day always for my boys.

6. Shopping frugally:
I have always, always been a shop-o-holic! I came out of the womb ready to make my first purchase. My parents are both bargain shoppers and my dad likes to shop as much as the rest of us. Rex says my favorite hobby is spending other people's money! LOL! He thinks I should become a professional shopper and get paid to do what I love. I just lately have become addicted to couponing. I love saving money and finding ways to get what we need for as little as possible. I have always been a bargain shopper for clothes and other items but not in the grocery arena. I have taken the challenge head on and now am seeing great rewards! I can't wait to check out and see my savings, first call my mom and then Rex to tell of the day's savings.

7. Music and singing:
I think I was exposed to music in the womb. Most of my traits other than my temper were inherited from my mother. My love for music and ability to sing comes from my father. Some of my earliest memories are dancing around while my dad sang Winnie the Pooh while playing it on his guitar. I remember the Gibson guitar he had almost all my life and how I would love to see that big black case being brought out. My father has a beautiful voice and I love to hear him sing. We always sang at home and in church. I went to an after school choir in elementary school and we would put on performances every year. I started singing solos in that choir very young. I was always in chorus at school until high school and transferred my attentions to anything art. I always sang at church and loved being in the choir. I miss the choir and hopefully will join back in one of these days. Music has always been a big part of my life and I can't imagine having a quiet non music household.

Enough about me! :) Here are seven blogs that I love and enjoy reading in particular order:

1. Tammy at Tammy on the go. I met Tammy through 31gifts. She found my website and became a consultant under me. I have only met Tammy twice face to face but she is a lovely Christian lady with a huge heart. She has two precious girls and we were pregnant together with our second babies. She is doing some wonderful things on her blog to bring attention to some families in need. I am glad the Lord brought this special lady from Florida into my life.

2. Sarah at Our Nine Month Journey . I have only met Sarah once but I have known her husband for a long time. Her husband is part of a group that does a music revival at our church every year, The Akins. They are the sweetest family and we love them. Davey and Sarah are expecting their first baby this month and I have enjoyed watching her progress in her pregnancy. I hope she keeps up the blog after baby A is born. They haven't found our the sex of the baby so we are all anxious to see if it's a boy or a girl. Good luck to Sarah and Davey!

3. Sarah at fiddledeedee . I have never met Sarah but she saves me time and money every week! I use her blog for my Publix coupons and updates through the week. Thanks Sarah for your hard work that makes my life so much easier!

4. Amy at Homespunthreads. I went to high school with Amy for a couple of years. She was older than me. We ran back into each other at Breastfeeding Support Group after I had Max. She ran a successful purse business for several years. She is so creative and I think can make anything possible. She amazes me at her talent. She does some awesome web designs too. She has 3 cute little guys. She has her own website on Etsy and I think I may have to purchase one of her new silhoute products. Too cute!

5. Stephanie at NieNie Dialogues. I found this blog from Amy's blog actually. I have kept up with this for a while. Nie was in a plane crash and was in a coma for several months. While she was in the coma her sister posted older post that Nie had written and so I got to know her through he older posts. She is now in recovery and posting about her daily life and progress. She is an excellent writer and I love to hear all the things she does with her family. Her spirit always seems to be high even through all the trials and pain she is living with.

6. Julene at The Simmons Boys. I met Julene through our play group. They moved here two years ago or so and I really don't remember who invited them but they are a part of us now. She has two cute boys Alex and Paxton. Max loves having other boys to play with and loves to play at Alex's house. They have tons and I mean tons of stuff to play with at their house. Julene is a sweetie and I am glad we have gotten to know them through our play group.

7. Jen at The Jones' Family. Jen is another lady I met through play group. We were actually having a play group at Imagination Station and Jen was there. We invited her to join and she did! We ended up knowing a lot of the same people and she is cousins to my SIL's best friend from high school. She has to adorable boys Cooper and Hudson. She keeps us posted on all there goings on. I think we do a lot but those Jones' are always on the go! :) Max and Cooper are really good pals and Hudson is just a little sweetie! Jen is a dear friend and I am blessed to have her in my life!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Peek a boo





Wesley has found the joy in playing with doors!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maxisms for the week 3/17/09

Sorry for the lapse in Maxisms! I know you love them as much as I!

While playing with his tools he asked," Do you know what I am going to do with all this equipment?" "No", I say. "Build somebody a house!" he answers.

Can I put this eye patch on Wesley's mouth so he can't put anything dirty in it? Hey at least he asked first this time!

Mommy, this is the center of the seat.

My gums are what hold my teeth.

While singing some Lynrd Skynrd instead of singing "A simple kind of man" he says, "A somewhere kind of fan".

I can't wait until I get a wedding ring!

Next time you and daddy go on a date, you need to take me with you!

Curiosity is what keeps us safe.

I made cubed steak and gravy one night last week for dinner. Max takes a bite and says,"Oh, Mommy this is delicious! Where do you get the ingredients to make it?"

"Daddy, let's play hide and ghost son." "How do you play?" asks Daddy. "Well, you go hide and when I find you you act like your scared. Then I will say don't be scared Daddy it's just me your son!"

Oh mommy, cheer up!

Okay this may be TMI but was just too funny not to share.
Mom, Max, and I were eating lunch last Thursday and out of the blue Max says, "Nana's you know what daddy did?" I am thinking there is no telling what he is going to say but never did I think it would be this. "He took a crap in the woods!" He did not say this quietly in the restaurant of course. Mom and I were laughing, crying, and trying not to choke on our food. The night before Rex had been on the phone with his cousin and in the middle of a conversation said that exact statement. Lesson to be learned: Children hear all and you never know what and when they will choose to repeat what they will hear! I know your laughing!

Monday, March 16, 2009

What can you get for $3.36?

My shopping savings today at Publix

1 Chicken Lunchable (not shown because it was eaten by my 4 year old)
1 box Eggo Waffles (on sale 1.50)
1 loaf Nature's Own Bread (on sale $2)
1 Thomas English Muffins
1 SF Jello cups
1 pack bacon (on sale $2)
1 lb sausage (on sale $2.50)
1 4 pack Dannon Activa yougurt (on sale $2)
1 Ovrille Red mini bags popcorn
1 Finish Gel Dishwashing Detergant
1 bag Publix Spring Mix salad (on sale 2 for $4)
1 bag Publix tortilla chips (penny mystery item)
1 bundle Asparagus
2 Tai Pei frozen entrees
6 Gerber 2nd double packs
1 box Yogos
1 Publix Honey Turkey lunch meat (on sale $3)
1 head cabbage
2 bottles Lysol all purpose cleaner (had a rain check for these at BOGO price)
1 Coffemate liquid creamer (on sale for $2)
1 Cataloupe
6 boxes Uncle Ben's instant rice
1 bundle bananas

Total before coupons at BOGO pricing $57.98
-Coupon savings $23.62
-Walgreen's Register Rewards $31.00 (gotten last week during the diaper deals)

Total out pocket $3.36!!!!!

total savings $82.29

Friday, March 13, 2009

Eight months

Wow! Can it really be true? Wesley turned eight months old on Wednesday! I know I say it every month but seriously where does the time go?

Wesley has really started doing a lot the past month. He got his first two teeth this month. The second he just got on Monday so he got number two right in on the wire before eight months. The poor thing has been sick the entire month without any relief. I don't know if it is just the teething or a combination of things. He did have croup but is better from that. We went to the doctor again on Monday but she didn't find anything which is good but frustrating at the same time when you can't find the cause of all this mess.

He has really started crawling. He finally just Wednesday started crawling on all fours instead of doing his leap frog crawl. He goes everywhere now. He started sitting up on his own from laying down. He can lay on his belly, sit up, turn back over, and then start crawling like it is no big deal. He has started pulling up on things as well. He has been pulling up and sitting on his knees for about a week and Monday he started pulling up to a standing position. He has fallen several times because once he stands up he tries to let go and take off. I really don't want him walking at 10 months like Max but I may not have any choice in the matter.

I am still nursing and I doubt he will be ready to stop at year but we still have several months and things could change but he is still an avid nurser. He is up to between 2 and 3 large jars of food a day. It has been hard with all the sickness his appetite has really fluctuated. He loves all fruits but is not too big on a lot of the veggies. He hates green beans, tolerates peas and squash, and sweet potatoes always make him spit up. His reflux and milk sensitivity have gotten a lot better this month. He is not spitting up much at all now. I have been able to eat small amounts of dairy just not a lot in one day. A little bit every day has been fine just only once a day not two or three times a day. I am still drinking lactose free milk and will probably continue with that as long as he nurses. Butter, milk, and cream cheese still seem to bother him more than cheese (in small amounts), yogurt, and sour cream.

He weighed 17lbs 3oz at the doctor on Monday and my measurements at home have him at 27 1/4 in. He is still short legged and is only wearing 3 to 6 months size pants but 6-9-12 month size onesies and almost out of the 6-9 month sleepers.

He is still saying DaDa and will say Muma when he wants me to get him and is very pitiful. He is still sleeping swaddled but is wiggling out of it most nights. I figured once it got warm out it may be too hot for him anyway. I guess we will see.

He is the sweetest, happiest, and most lovable little guy. He recognizes is grandparents and aunts and just lights up when he sees any of them. He is as stubborn as a mule, too. My sister watched a few weeks ago and couldn't believe how stubborn he was. She said,"If he doesn't want you to do something he will let you know!" He has a temper on him as well. How can something be so sweet and have such a temper at the same time? It amazes me. Of course he isn't the least bit spoiled! That wouldn't have anything to do with it, I'm sure!

Max likes Wesley being more mobile at times. They are playing and interacting a lot more. Wesley thinks Max is hilarious but they do get tired of each other. Max will tell me to come get Wesley or carry him over to me when he is tired of him. Wesley will scream out at Max when he is tired of him. All in all they are doing wonderfully well together but all kids have their moments.

I feel so blessed to have this sweet little guy as my son. I love seeing all the changes he makes daily and I can't believe that first birthday is just 4 months away! Here are a few pictures of him at 8 months old!

Wesley 8 months old.

He found Max's little kitchen set!

Max dancing with Wesley.

He foung the dishwasher.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Falling for Walgreen's

My Walgreen's savings from the past two days:
6 pack Huggies diapers
3 mega packs of Huggies wipes
5 tubes Colgate toothpaste
3 tubes Crest Pro Health toothpaste
1 Advil PM
5 bottles Garnier shampoo and conditioner
2 bottles Garnier hairspray
1 Glade Sense and Spray

Total value of products $134.83
Total out of pocket $ 52.48
Total Register Rewards $34.00 (these can be used on another purchase at Walgreens but Publix will take them as well!)

How you may ask?
Walgreen's has a diaper deal this week spend $25 in Huggies products and get$10 in Register Rewards(RR). I downloaded enough coupons from to do this 3 times with 3 $5 off coupons per transaction.
The Garnier products and the Colgate toothpaste where on sale for 99 cents after W coupons. I had $1.00 off coupons for all the Garnier I purchased which made them free!!!!! I had 75 cents off coupons for all the Colgate toothpaste which made them 24 cents a piece.
The Crest pro health was on sale for 2.49 and I had $1 off coupons and you got $1 RR on them.
I found one box at the Ooltewah Walgreens of the pro health marked down to 96 cents and had a $1 off coupon so it was free!!!
The Advil PM was $4.49. I had $2 off coupon and got $2 RR.
The Glade sense and spray was on sale for $7.99 with $4 off W coupon and $3 off man. coupon made it 99 cents.

The best part I think is getting the $34 in RR that I can use at Publix on my groceries! I have been pulled into the Walgreen's shopping pool and will be keeping it up!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

He loves to swing

It amazes my daily how different the boys are. How can two children that are the same sex and from the same parents be so totally different? Max was always a pleasant, sweet natured child but strong willed at the same time. Wesley is by far more happy and smiley but exceedingly more stubborn. (That I'm really looking forward too! ) Wesley loves stuffed animals, blankets, pacifiers, and a lot of other things Max did not. Yesterday I found a new one.

We met some friends at the park yesterday around lunch time since it was supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees. Well it turned out to be cloudy, windy, and chilly but we still played and had fun. Max had been wanting to swing and once I finished feeding Wesley lunch we headed that way. Max hated to swing until last summer. As a baby I tried every time we went to the park and every time he screamed and screamed. After pushing Max a while and he flipped out of the swing while swinging on his stomach I made him get off the swing. I decided to try Wesley out on the baby swing and he LOVED it!!!! He laughed, smiled, and kicked his feet the whole time he was on the swing. I ran and got my camera to get some pictures and take a quick video.

Max of course loved to push him and got a little carried away at times (as you will see in the video) but little Wesley just ate it up and enjoyed it. I know now where I will be spending my time with Wesley on the playground!

Look at that face! Oh to have that much joy!

The video really captures his excitement!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Always something new

Wesley has started doing several new things this week. He is officially crawling but he is still doing it in the leap frog faction. He gets every where he wants to go and doesn't let anything stop him so I am saying he is crawling.
He also this week has starting sitting up on his own from laying flat on his belly. He will crawl around and then push himself back up to a seated position.
On Wednesday night, I put him in his crib so I could straighten up the boys room. When I turned around he was standing up! Now it's time to lower the mattress all the way. Not only did he pull himself up to the standing position but he walked the entire length of his crib and then was letting go with one hand. Of course when he let the second hand go he fell. He has no fear. He is loving standing up in front of me holding onto me all by himself. Why do they have to grow so fast?! Of course, I ran and got the camera and snapped some shots!! Here is my big boy doing such big boy things!