Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm a part of the family of God

I know it's been forever and I have a whole spring and summer to catch up on. I may never catch up but I'm gonna try. I couldn't decide where to start and finally decided on one of the best things that's happened in the last few months was where it had to be.

We have traveled, played ball, visited family, taken day trips, learned lots of new exciting things, and made new friends but I think the very best thing that happened all spring and summer is my precious Max was baptized. I think that has to be one of the proudest moments for me in his little life so far. Not only is he my earthly child but now he is my heavenly brother in Christ and I know he will be with me forever here on earth and for all eternity.

 About 8 months ago Max started talking about the day he became saved or excepted Christ as His Lord and Saviour. He would always say, "You know that day I went in the bathroom at Nana's and PawPaw's and I prayed and asked Jesus to come into my heart, that was the day I got saved." None of us knew this day or what he was talking about because he didn't tell any of us about it that day. His story never changed not once, though. I had never told him he had to be with anyone else to be saved just the basics of what it meant to be saved and how to be saved.

I didn't press the issue but every time someone talked about being saved he would tell them he was saved and the same story of how he was saved. Recently, he started talking about being baptized. We have a follow up class at church that we have children go through to make sure they understand what salvation is and that being baptized and being a member of a church does not make you saved. He went through the class with the same story and I felt reassured because he knows without a doubt that he is going to live with Jesus for an eternity in Heaven one day. He answered those question load and clear and with more certainty than a 6 year old should have when he was asked before he was baptized.

I know some people are skeptical because he was 5 years old but let me tell he knows and he gets it. No, not all it in every detail but do we? He knows that he is a sinner, that God sent his Son to earth to die to pay for sins, and that he conquered death when he rose on the 3rd day.  He believes Jesus is the Son of God, and asked him to forgive him of his sins, and to come into his heart, and save him from his sins so he can live for ever with Him.

I know adults have a hard time believing that it's just that simple but you know what, salvation IS just that simple. Now being a disciple of Christ as he's called us to be, that's the hard part. You don't have to know everything about the Bible to become a follower of Christ, all you have to do is believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he came to this earth to die for you. That he can cleanse you from all your sins and you can live with him for all eternity. All it takes is asking for His forgiveness! If you don't know him, won't you become a part of God's family today! I know the old song has an even sweeter meaning because now my own flesh and blood is a part of that family and I am so glad I'm a part of the family of God.

The pictures aren't the best but I was manning the camcorder!