Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I did it!

Last night while I was cleaning my bedroom, Wesley comes in and starts tugging on my hand. "Come here! Come here, Mommy!" he says over and over again. "What is it, buddy?" I asked, not really wanting to stop what I was doing at the moment. "I show you. Come here, I show you." he says. I follow him down the hallway and into his room. He then proceeds to climb the rails of his crib and flip into his bed. He stands up with a huge grin on his face and exclaims, "I did it!" He was as proud as could be and my heart just sank a little. Of course, he continued to get in out of his bed for the next 10 minutes. Laughing the whole time.

Max never tried to climb in and out of the crib so he stayed in it a long time, till he was over 3. I really had planned on doing the same thing with Wesley. I'm just not ready for him to be getting so big. Not knowing if he is my last child, I have been trying to enjoy all the baby stages and really haven't wanted him to progress through them so fast! He, on the other hand, has no intentions of staying a baby. I just really am not ready for this. I want him to stay my cute, cuddly monkey forever. I know that can't happen but why do they have to change at such a fast pace? Well, here are some pictures of my wild man and his new trick!

Step One

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

I did it!

Of course Max had to join in on the fun. Wes is
ready to go again!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween fun

This may be long but I figured it would be the best and probably the only way I would get around to posting all our fun fall and Halloween activities.

Our first activity was the Monster Bash at the Creative Discovery Museum. This year they made it for memebers only and it wasn't as crowded as it has been in the past. They have special activities for the kids to do and all the workers are dressed in costumes. They offer marshmellow roasting, popcorn, and apple cider outside, as well. Roasting marshmellows was Max's favorite and Wesley loved all the character costumes.

Roasting marshmellows

Climbing the rock wall

Princess in the reading corner

Scooby Doo!!!

on the rooftop fun factory

Wes LOVED Spiderman. He kept going back
to talk to him.

Digging for dinosaur bones

Wes's favorite, the water works

He loved Scooby and the gang

Max had to have his picture made with this statue!

Our next fun filled activity was Boo in the Zoo. Nana's, Paw Paw's, Aunt Shia, and Aunt Jessi were able to come along with us. Also some friends Christine, Ben, and baby Ella were able to come. The boys had a great time going around the zoo. Max and Ben were focused on filling out their "puzzles" and we had to get that finished before anything else. They were given pieces of paper when they came in that had all the trick or treating stations and each station they were given a clue that completed the puzzle. It was a beautiful night, the perfect weather to be spent outside at the zoo. Unfortunately my camera batteries died as soon as we walked in the door so I only have a few pictures. Thankfully, my dad had his so I took a lot of pictures I just don't have them yet. Again, Wesley loved all the characters!

My cute Mario and Luigi waiting in line
for Boo in the Zoo

The boys with Scooby, then the
camera died.

Our next activity was pumpkin carving. Max and I got the pumpkins on his field trip and he asked every day if we could carve them. I told him we would do it on fall break and we did on his last day at home. Max pretty much did his on his own, after mommy and daddy did all the dirty cleaning work first that is. We did the outline of the eyes and noses for him to follow and he cut them out all on his own. Max loves being a big boy and Wes enjoyed digging in the pumpkins with a spoon.

Cute little Wes "cleaning" the pumpkins

Max hard at work

Still carving away

Trunk or Treat at our church this year on Wednesday before Halloween. We had a short Awana's meeting, ate hotdogs, and then Trunk or Treat. Wesley wasn't sure abou the Trunk or Treating at first. I had to carry him most of the way. Towards the end he finally got down and did it on his own. Max is an old pro by now and this is the first year he was really excited about it.

Wes and what is left of his mustache

Max and his Sparks class

Wes was saying Look!

Mmmmm, candy!

Max's class Halloween party was the next day. I was able to go and plan on being at all of his school activities that I can. The kids in his class are all sweet and they seem to get along really well. They just changed tables so Max wanted me to take pictures of his table mates. They had made spider hats earlier in the day and they wore them throughout the party. The parents all contributed and we had big goody bags for all the kids. Mrs. Baker lined them up after they were finished eating so we could hand out the bags. She even let them eat some candy and showed all of them how to eat the fun dip in their bags. Towards the end Max said, "This is the best party I've ever had!" My funny boy!

Max in his spider hat




Their yummy snacks!

Mrs. Baker demonstrating the fun dip

Max and Luka

Andrew wanted in the picture, too.

Fun Dip, yum!

We decided to go Trick or Treating on Saturday night since the kids had play practice at church Sunday night. Our friends let us come to their house and go with them in their neighborhood. We started out togther but the big kids didn't want to wait on the little ones and Wes and Hudson were not in any kind of rush. Rex went with the other dads and the big kids and Jen and I stayed behind with the little boys. I think Wesley and Hudson ate candy the entire time they were Trick or Treating. We did a lot of carrying and didn't do all the house like the big boys. The boys had a great time and enjoyed a little play time with Cooper and Hudson afterwards as well.

Max in his mustache. He saved until
Halloween night!

Wes and Hudson and their suckers

Max and Cooper

Two sweet boys!

It was a great month of October! The boys really enjoyed all our fun activites and I can't wait for next year!!