Friday, August 28, 2009

We love to Discover

Here in Chattanooga, we have a wonderful children's museum called The Creative Discovery Museum. Max loves to go and Wesley is just now old enough to really enjoy it, as well.

We were invited to a birthday party there on Saturday. I asked my sister to come a long with me since Rex couldn't come. It is just too hard to do some places by myself now that Wesley is mobile. Plus, with their 4 year age difference they are in completely different stages of interest.

The upstairs exhibit is a revolving exhibit that changes every couple of months. Curious George is the current exhibit and we hadn't been to see it yet. We spent the majority of our time there in the Curious George exhibit.

Wesley loved the golf games. There was one that had two cranks on it and he figured out how to crank them. He already amazes me on his hand eye coordination. I know Max was not turning cranks or jack in the boxes like Wesley is at 13 months. Here is a short clip of him cranking. Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom of the page.

Max loved the conveyor belt station. He was fascinated by the cranks and drops and movements of the blocks. They had some really neat history about Curious George's creators that I was not aware of. I got to opportunity to read all about them while Wesley played with the bicycle wheel and telephone over and over again.

After and hour of the upstairs we guided the boys down stairs and I took Wesley into the Little Yellow House while Max and Jessi did the other fun parts of the museum.

Wesley surprised me again by walking up the steps while holding onto the rail and not falling. I would help him down and up he would go again by himself. He then proceeded to climb up the slide and after observing and older boy walking up the slide, he walked up it himself. This child has no fear and just amazes me with his abilities. I do wish he would slow down just a little bit, though!

We ended the day in the water area and Wesley got completely soaked but was in absolute heaven. He loves to splash and dump water and that is exactly what he did. Max really gets into building the dams and canals. It is so much fun to have the boys in to different stages. Wesley playing and discovery while Max is learning and trying to figure out how everything works and operates.

It was a fun day and they got to eat cake and ice cream to boot!

Wesley petting Curious George.

Climbing up the slide

Walking up the stairs.

Wesley and Alex hiding in the tree.

Splish splash!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where do you play?

I have been cleaning and organizing around the house today. I decided to tackle the boys' toys because they were past the point of no return. I have to do this every 6 or 8 weeks now that Max is having to clean up after himself. Even though we organize everything into certain spaces when clean up time comes it is dump and run around here. Well, today I finished cleaning up the toys in the closet and I left the room with Wesley playing for a minute. When I returned he had found a new place to play.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Okay, I know it's been a while but I'm going to hop back on the band wagon! Not Me! Monday was started by MckMama. Hop on over to her blog to see what everyone else is not doing this week!

This week while trying to get his pictures made, Wesley, did not scream, roll around on the floor, and run out of the room through the entire picture session. He is always well behaved and never pitches fits. I of course took it all in stride. I was not upset, frustrated, and disgusted that he acted this way and I would have to come back and do it all again on another day! I always handle tough situations like a champ!

This same child did not throw yet another fit in the restaurant after church yesterday when I tried to put him in the high chair. I did not have to hold him the entire time he ate. My dad and sister then did not proceed to follow him around the restaurant so I could eat my lunch. He always sits in his hair chair and eats his lunch without any problems.

He did not wake up sick the day after the picture debacle. He has not been sick the rest of the week. When is sick he always acts perfectly when under the weather. He never has any bratty tendencies and never makes us all do his bidding. Never, not my child!

Since starting a new diet Max does not ask me if everything I put in my mouth is diet food. "Are you sure you can eat that on your diet, mommy?" is never asked from him numerous times a day.

He also did not get an imaginary text on his play cell phone from his imaginary girlfriend telling him how much weight she lost this week.

We did not take Max to Lake Winnie on Friday for part of his birthday present. We did not drive all the way over there to find out it was closed. He was not disappointed and this same thing didn't happen to us last year, either. This isn't the second year he asked to go to Lake Winnie for his birthday. Never! He always wants to highest quality of gifts and material possessions!

Then, we did not proceed to take him to a local game room and go kart track because he wanted to go. He did not refuse to ride the go-karts when we got over there. He would never change his mind about anything.

I did not use a baby leash on Wesley for the first time this week at said game room. I would never walk around with my child on a leash like a dog. He always stays right with me and never runs away from me. Never!

I did not watch Harry Potter -The Prisoner of Azkhaban twice this weekend. Not just because I like the movie but because Robert Pattinson is in it. I do not have a closeted super huge celeb crush on him. No never! That is just silly!

I most certainly am not typing this up while nursing Wesley. I always nurse him in the rocker or on the couch. I never multitask while nursing. It is always quite bonding time between us. Not me! No never!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Max's 4th year slide show

I just finished Max's 4th year slideshow. Thankfully, it didn't take me as long as it did to finish Wesley's. Remember to pause the music at the bottom of the page! Enjoy!!

"Trim the Fat" Thursday

Last week I saw this on my friend Diana's blog. I thought I would jump on the band wagon since I started a new weight loss program 2 weeks ago.

I have had weight issues off and on my entire life. I guess it started around the 5th grade. I wasn't heavy then but I grew 3 1/2 inches that year and was a very tall 5'3 or so in a sea of short tiny other people, boys and girls included. It took until the 7th or 8th grade for the boys to even catch up with my height since I continued to grow a couple more inches. I was the same height I am now in the 7th grade. I am 5'6 not much over normal height I guess but still tall for most women. I didn't really start packing on the pounds until I stopped playing sports in high school. I found other interests and I wasn't the best at them anyway.

I lost 45 pounds my Senior year of high school and was finally happy with myself for the first time in a long time. I kept it off for 3 years or so. Once, I started working full time and stopped exercising regularly I slow but surely started packing the lbs back on.

I luckily didn't gain much weight during my pregnancies, I actually lost weight with both. I lost almost 20 lbs with Wesley because I was so sick. Both times I weighed less after delivery than when I had gotten pregnant. Unfortunately, I 'd gain it back. I had post part um with Max and eat as a coping mechanism for the depression. When he was two I started weight Watchers and lost 20 lbs and could never loose anymore. After Wesley, I kept it off for a while but slowing it came creeping back up. I am not one of those lucky women that nursing helps the weight just fall off. I also have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, which makes me insulin resistant. This makes it very difficult for me to loose weight. Dr. Brody, my OB, has told me I need a low card, high protein diet because of the insulin issue.

A friend at church started a program with her work called Thrive Weight loss. She lost 20 pounds in 7 weeks. I was contemplating starting South Beach as recommended by Dr. Brody but after talking with Rhonda decided to try Thrive. It is very low carb, the first week (or two if you choose) is absolutely no sugar or carbs. The first couple of days were rough going through the sugar detox but it has been fine since. I did have to alter it a little since I am still nursing 4 to 5 times a day and the calorie intake is only about 1200.

I started my third week on Tuesday and I lost a total of 10.2 lbs in the first 2 weeks!!!! Yeah!!! This has helped keep me motivated. I want to loose about 70 pounds so only 60 more to go! It really hasn't been as hard as I thought to stick to it. Since I don't have all the processed sugars in my body, I don't crave them as much. My mom and sis are doing it as well. It helps to have a support system, too.

Now, I have to get back to exercising. I am so out of shape. I guess I'm going to have to break down and join the gym, exercising at home is just now working out. There is always some kind of interruption with the kids as soon as I get 10 minutes into something.

I will keep you posted on my new "Trim the Fat" Thursday's!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm a big boy now

Friday was Max's 5th birthday. He woke up that morning saying he was all big now and could do anything now that he was five. We had an enjoyable day at home and let him open his present from us. He also wants to go to Lake Winnie for part of his present so we are doing that on Friday.

We had his party at Sir Goony's Family Fun Center here in Chattanooga. Sir Goony's has goony golf, go-karts, rides, batting cages, and a game room. We had the party first with Sponge Bob cake and Max opened his presents. Then, we played goony golf. All the boys loved it. They played the entire 18 holes. Most of the girls bailed out about half way through though some stuck it out to the end. We rode go-karts next. All the kids loved them. Some of the kids chose the bumper boats instead. They all got tokens to use in the game room so ended the evening there.

Max had a blast, even though he wanted to golf again. All the kids had a great time, too. He loved all his presents and had to get them all out as soon as we got home. First,he got out his Transformers and figured out how to change them. He played both of the DS games he got. We did manage to save the remote control car for the next day. He said it was the best day ever!

I still can't believe my baby is five. Now mommy has to work on letting him be a big boy and not being my baby. :( Here are some pictures from his fun birthday party!

Max's cake. He said wanted a whole Sponge Bob not just his face so that is what I did.

He wanted to big Sponge Bob balloon, too.

Somebody gets shy when they are the center of attention.

Making a wish.

He loves Transformers, now!

He got $5 from Aunt Bubby and Uncle Jake. "That is a lot of money", he said.

Mario Kart, yes!

He was giving Petra the thumbs up for their present.

PaPaw, Wesley, Max and PawPaw's

Kennedy and Aubrey

Kimberly, Pia, and Jonas

Jennifer and Natalie


Wesley loved the golf club.


Cooper and Hudson

Alex and Paxton

All finished with goony golf.

Dirk and Kimberly

Daddy and Max. Max was scared to death to ride the go-karts. He was screaming at the top of his lungs but after they got going he loved it and wanted to go again!

Paw Paw's and Max

The second group of go-kart riders

Hudson would throw the skee balls as hard as he could, it was too cute.

Of course, Max had to play all the shooting games!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Say it aint' so!

Well, tomorrow my precious son will be fiver years old. Five years old!!!!! I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital, dealing with all my nursing problems, and getting zero sleep!!! Well, I am still nursing, Wesley that is, with no problems and getting more sleep. At least things have changed some.

Five years ago tonight, I was packing 3 bags. One for me, one for Max, and one for Rex. We got a nice surprise when I developed preclampsia and had to go in for an early induction which turned into a C-section. I was not prepared, I still had weeks left. I was going to take a week off of work to ready for him, for crying out loud!!! I had a baby shower scheduled for the day he was born that had to be canceled and I had nothing and I mean nothing ready for the hospital.

He was born at 7:51 pm on August, 2004. I couldn't comprehend on that day how irrevicobaly my life had been changed. Changed for the better but changed none the less. He is all and more than I could ask for from a son. He is so sweet and caring. He is hillarious and too smart for his own good. He is 1,000 % boy and I wouldn't change him any way.

Tomorrow starts the last day of the last year I have him at home (well give or take a few days since I don't know what day school actually starts on next year). I plan to cherish every day even more and try to real enjoy my last year with him at home. This will be a year of changes, I know. He is already transitioning into that big boy I'm not quite ready for him to be yet. He is going to have to be self-suficent in order to start school so I don't need to baby him as much as I do. I know I will enjoy the next phase in his life but it's going to be a hard transition for me.

Tomorrow we are going to party it up at Goony Golf and celebrate the day my precious boy came into the world!! Happy Birthday, Max. Mommy loves you more than life itself!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Traditional wedding? I think not!

I saw this a fellow blogger, Jessica's, blog and had to share it. That had to be one fun reception!! Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where have I been?

I always wanted to be a wife and mom growing up. I have always been an artsy, crafty, creative person. I have always loved music and reading. English was my favorite subject in school. I always thought I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to teach high school English or art. Then off to college I go and changed to various medical majors. I almost completed one before dropping out. My heart was just never in anything other than being a wife and mom. I still regret not making a decision and sticking to it but I was never certain about it.

After leaving college, I got a job at a bank and had a couple of different positions in the financial industry. I liked some things about my job. Mainly, training and working with people but I was definitely not sad when I left to be a full time stay at home mom. I had my dream!

Well, somewhere in the course of that dream job I felt like I really loss my sense of self. There didn't seem to be enough time to do the things I liked. I had to really find ways to bring out my creative side. Slowly but surely it fell to the way side. The day to day demands taking over. I started a part time business. Training and working with others were the main things I liked about it as well. It was fun and kept me busy while supplying a little income but still not my calling.

I have tons of ideas of ways to help supplement our income. Still, where is my true calling? Is it just to be a wife/mom? If it is, shouldn't I know the answer by now? Is there nothing else out there that I could really shine at? Is there not something the Lord wants me to do? I have been on this same path for a couple of years. Searching, praying, and seeking. Still no answer, yet. I am undecided about the future after both boys start back to school. This all really hit me last night thinking that this being my last year with Max at home. I know I want to find my calling and finish college but I am just not sure as to what to go back for. Do you ever get a clear picture of exactly what it is the Lord wants you to do or is it just a trial and error thing? I just don't know?

I have recently followed an unlikely path. Just on a whim I did something I had always wanted to do. Is this how it starts?

I decided to take some cake classes and found that I really enjoy doing it! I love my creative side coming back to life and being able to share that with others. I guess it's not that much of a stretch since I love to cook and I love to decorate. So, why would putting the two together be any different?

I finally have started finding some of my old self return. The me before I became a mom. It's funny how one little thing can make such a difference in your perspective. Actually taking the time out to put energy in something I love for myself (even though it does benefit my boys because I can make their birthday cakes now) and not feeling guilty about it in the process. Am I the only one that feels that way when I do something for myself? Guilty? Anyway, just that one little act got me doing other crafty things, reading again, and enjoying myself more. I don't think I really realized how far away from myself I had gotten but I do feel like I am coming back.

Now, I don't know that cake decorating will be my life long dream job but I am enjoying it and actively pursuing it. I am even more appreciative that it has helped me come out of my mom slump!

Hello, Becky! Glad to see you coming back!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bust a move

Wesley has just recently started dancing anytime Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on. When it comes on he drops whatever he is doing and starts dancing. I finally got it on video yesterday while my family was visiting. Don't forget to pause the sound at the bottom!

Monday, August 3, 2009

What a difference a year makes!

I finally finished Wesley's first year slide show. This is the first one I have done. Now I will have to play catch up with Max! Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom before you start. Enjoy!

PB&J Delight

Now this isn't Wesley's first pb&j but it's the first one I didn't cut into tiny pieces for him to eat. He really enjoyed it, as you can tell!!