Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm a big boy now

Friday was Max's 5th birthday. He woke up that morning saying he was all big now and could do anything now that he was five. We had an enjoyable day at home and let him open his present from us. He also wants to go to Lake Winnie for part of his present so we are doing that on Friday.

We had his party at Sir Goony's Family Fun Center here in Chattanooga. Sir Goony's has goony golf, go-karts, rides, batting cages, and a game room. We had the party first with Sponge Bob cake and Max opened his presents. Then, we played goony golf. All the boys loved it. They played the entire 18 holes. Most of the girls bailed out about half way through though some stuck it out to the end. We rode go-karts next. All the kids loved them. Some of the kids chose the bumper boats instead. They all got tokens to use in the game room so ended the evening there.

Max had a blast, even though he wanted to golf again. All the kids had a great time, too. He loved all his presents and had to get them all out as soon as we got home. First,he got out his Transformers and figured out how to change them. He played both of the DS games he got. We did manage to save the remote control car for the next day. He said it was the best day ever!

I still can't believe my baby is five. Now mommy has to work on letting him be a big boy and not being my baby. :( Here are some pictures from his fun birthday party!

Max's cake. He said wanted a whole Sponge Bob not just his face so that is what I did.

He wanted to big Sponge Bob balloon, too.

Somebody gets shy when they are the center of attention.

Making a wish.

He loves Transformers, now!

He got $5 from Aunt Bubby and Uncle Jake. "That is a lot of money", he said.

Mario Kart, yes!

He was giving Petra the thumbs up for their present.

PaPaw, Wesley, Max and PawPaw's

Kennedy and Aubrey

Kimberly, Pia, and Jonas

Jennifer and Natalie


Wesley loved the golf club.


Cooper and Hudson

Alex and Paxton

All finished with goony golf.

Dirk and Kimberly

Daddy and Max. Max was scared to death to ride the go-karts. He was screaming at the top of his lungs but after they got going he loved it and wanted to go again!

Paw Paw's and Max

The second group of go-kart riders

Hudson would throw the skee balls as hard as he could, it was too cute.

Of course, Max had to play all the shooting games!

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LeeAnne said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I hate that we missed it. I was laughing out loud when I saw the thumbs-up picture -- that is quintessential Max!! Happy birthday to your big boy!!