Friday, August 28, 2009

We love to Discover

Here in Chattanooga, we have a wonderful children's museum called The Creative Discovery Museum. Max loves to go and Wesley is just now old enough to really enjoy it, as well.

We were invited to a birthday party there on Saturday. I asked my sister to come a long with me since Rex couldn't come. It is just too hard to do some places by myself now that Wesley is mobile. Plus, with their 4 year age difference they are in completely different stages of interest.

The upstairs exhibit is a revolving exhibit that changes every couple of months. Curious George is the current exhibit and we hadn't been to see it yet. We spent the majority of our time there in the Curious George exhibit.

Wesley loved the golf games. There was one that had two cranks on it and he figured out how to crank them. He already amazes me on his hand eye coordination. I know Max was not turning cranks or jack in the boxes like Wesley is at 13 months. Here is a short clip of him cranking. Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom of the page.

Max loved the conveyor belt station. He was fascinated by the cranks and drops and movements of the blocks. They had some really neat history about Curious George's creators that I was not aware of. I got to opportunity to read all about them while Wesley played with the bicycle wheel and telephone over and over again.

After and hour of the upstairs we guided the boys down stairs and I took Wesley into the Little Yellow House while Max and Jessi did the other fun parts of the museum.

Wesley surprised me again by walking up the steps while holding onto the rail and not falling. I would help him down and up he would go again by himself. He then proceeded to climb up the slide and after observing and older boy walking up the slide, he walked up it himself. This child has no fear and just amazes me with his abilities. I do wish he would slow down just a little bit, though!

We ended the day in the water area and Wesley got completely soaked but was in absolute heaven. He loves to splash and dump water and that is exactly what he did. Max really gets into building the dams and canals. It is so much fun to have the boys in to different stages. Wesley playing and discovery while Max is learning and trying to figure out how everything works and operates.

It was a fun day and they got to eat cake and ice cream to boot!

Wesley petting Curious George.

Climbing up the slide

Walking up the stairs.

Wesley and Alex hiding in the tree.

Splish splash!

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