Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maxisms for the week 1/31

Here are several since I know I haven't posted any in the last 2 weeks.

My dad was goofing around with Max and called him Maxamillion. Max proceeded to tell him,"Paw Paw's I do not like the name a million!"

We went out to lunch after church on a Sunday with a family that comes and does a music revival at our church every year. Dad was talking about a movie he had recently watched and said, " I like Al Pacino." Max said, "Apple chinos, yeah, I like those, apple chinos."

Mommy, this cake I made with my Easy Bake Oven is so delicious!

While waiting on a pop tart one morning he says, "If I was a pop tart and you put me in the toaster, when I'd pop up I'd be warm and you could eat me up!"

When I was taking down the Christmas decorations Max found a strand of lights in the storage tub and plugged them in. After he plugged them in, he looked at them and said, "That was delightful!"

While looking out the window he says, "Mommy, I can see Ranger (our dog) in the field and he is totatlly fat!"

Do you think I can breastfeed brother?

Does God have a black suit with a white tie? (He is very interested in what God looks like and what his surroundings look like.)

Mom, come and look at this poop. It is the biggest poop I've ever seen! ( I had to throw a potty one in there!)

Okay so we have been pull-up free for a whole week! This is such a huge step and it so nice to only have to change one little guy's poopy diapers everyday!:) Max still asks for a pull-up sometimes and says it's becuase it is going to hurt. I think when he is starting to feel the urge to go the potty it still scares him some and he wants that comfort of the pull-up. I have not given in at all and every time he has gone successfully with no pain and it then very proud of himself. Several times he has gone in on his own and pooped without any problems so that is great. All in all he is doing really well but he had his first accident in the bed last night. Rex didn't make him potty before bed time last night so that was the big no no. Only one accident in over a week is great and I will take it without complaining. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman we have a big boy!

Okay so Max has been super super slow on the potty training issues. He has been completely pee pee trained for a year now but still refused to poop on the potty. Several months ago, on the advice of a friend, we took the pull-ups out of the house. He will not poop in his pants so Max stopped pooping and after 5 days of no poop we had a horrible trying to make him poop on the potty, screaming, crying, episode that completely set us all the way back.

We ran out of pull-ups on Tuesday. Neither Rex nor I would remember to pick any up when we were at the store. He was fine at night and not having any accidents but he wasn't pooping. I have been giving him some Miralax to help soften things up and knew he was going to have to go. Thursday he had been saying he needed to poop all day and Rex was going to bring some pull-ups home when he got off work. Well, Rex got home and forgot to get some and Max is dying at this point. He comes running in the room and says, " I have to go now, I think I will just go in my underwear." I tell him, "Okay that is fine but if you choose to poop in your pants, you will clean the mess up yourself and get a spanking." I don't spank him for pooping in his pull-up but for choosing to poop in his pants, I had had enough! Arrrgggghhhh!!!!!

Well a few minutes later he runs back, "I got to go, I got to go! I think I will try to go on the potty! Oh, no I think I just went a little in my pants," he says. We rush to the potty and he had pooped a little bit in his underwear but...drum roll please... he POOPED ON THE POTTY! Rex actually got home right around this time with the pull-ups and Max chose to sit a little bit longer, asked for the potty seat insert(which he has never sat on and I bought when he was 2 1/2) and finished using the bathroom. He then about an hour later went again! We were ecstatic to say the least but I tried not to make too huge of a deal of it. Just a few high fives and what a great job, your such a big boy, a hug, and the greatest reward to Max the spraying of the air freshener!

We went to Atlanta to visit my grandmother this weekend and Max pooped on the potty 3 times! I can only say that this is short of a miracle in my book! LOL! I am so hoping this is the end of the pull-ups and we will be able to return the unopened pack that was purchased. He tonight at the dinner table was saying he was glad to be a big boy and now didn't think he would like the feel of pooping in a pull-up anymore! WOW!!!! He also has had zero accidents at night and been in big boy underwear all day and night for a week. I just hope it sticks and we will have no more set backs!

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever sit down and write about at child pooping on the potty but here I am a proud mother of hopefully a completely potty trained child!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wesley's new trick

Okay, so Wesley has started making tons of noises! He jabbers and makes noises all the time. My sis caught some on video on my camera the other day and it was too long to download but I got some today and it is a combination of it all so it gives you a better idea of what I listen to in combination with big brother all day long.

He finally found his feet a week or so ago and now he will not keep his hands off his feet. He actually peed on his face/head this morning. Gross and funny at the same time. He loves to hold onto them when he doesn't have his diaper on and while I was trying to change him this morning he was holding his feet and out it come straight to the side of the face and head. Too bad I didn't caught that on video! Anyway, here a few pics of him holding his feet.

Here are a few of him setting up. He has gotten the hand of it and actually enjoys it now.

Time to break out the baby bed. No more pack and play for the big boy that can set up and fall out of it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

You know your tired...

We got home late from eating dinner out last night. Max loves to lay half under the couch when the heat is on because there is a floor vent under it. We came in and I went to put on my pj's and wash my face. I come into the living room and found Max sound asleep like this...

You know your tired when you can fall asleep in all your clothes, hat, and gloves while propping your head in your hands.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A weekend with the family

We went to Gatlinburg this past weekend with my family. It was the first time we all got to come since last year. We always have such a good time up there. The boys and I rode up with my mom and dad Friday morning. Rex and Alicia came up Friday evening and Jessica came up Saturday evening.

Wesley had an eventful weekend since he started sitting up on his own while we were there. He did so well on the trip. He was a big boy and sat in a high chair to eat in the room. He rode in the front of the grocery cart for the first time. I didn't have my cart cover with me so I wiped it down really well with some antibacterial wipes. He did really well in it and lasted almost the whole trip in the store in the buggy. He also sat in a high chair in a restaurant for the first time. All these first in one weekend plus looking at size 5 clothes for Max for next winter about gave me a break down. I seriously was tearing up in the Children's Place store having to move to the big section side of the store for Max. It hit me hard that he is not a baby at all anymore!

Wesley looking big and being happy in the shopping cart.

Sitting up on his own. If you look real close you can see the drool pouring out of his mouth,funny!

Wesley's first time using a restaurant high chair at the Apple Barn.

Wesley in the big boy high chair in the room.

Rex and I took Max to the strip Friday night but left the baby with my mom, dad, and Alicia. It was freezing and we didn't want to have to get him out. So, we bundled up big time and went to Fanny Farkels, Max's favorite place, and went to a few places on the strip. We didn't stay out long because of the cold and because I got the call that Wesley was getting fussy.

We did our major shopping day the next day, ate at a favorite Japanese place of ours up there, and they tried to go to the strip. It was still cold but it had rained off and on all day. We only went to the Ripley's game room and it just wouldn't stop raining so we headed in for the night. As you can see our time on the strip is usually centered around what Max wants to do, hence the game rooms both nights! :)

Max and Aunt Jessi doing Dance, Dance, Revolution in the Ripley's game room.

We got to see a little snow Sunday morning. By the time I got around to taking pictures after packing, getting ready, and tending to the kids it had already melted quite a bit. Max did get to see it snowing but didn't get to play in it. It was beautiful while it lasted but it was gone very fast. We made our usually Sunday lunch trip to the Apple Barn, did a little more shopping, and then headed home.

Some of the melting snow, it was so pretty when it was coated white!

My dad and the boys at the Apple Barn

We found some hungry geese out in the parking lot after lunch.

It was a great weekend! I love our annual trip we make with my family. It is so nice to just get away and spend time with the ones you love. I am ready for the next one!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Six months

Wesley turned 6 months old on Sunday. My oh my, I can not believe half of his first year is already gone. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital. Well I thought he was going to be doing things faster than Max but he isn't'. That is perfectly fine with me. I would love him to be a baby forever, they just aren't little long enough!

He just started sitting up on his own this weekend. He still won't do it for real long periods of time but he can actually sit there unsupported now. He is getting on all fours all the time and this weekend we kept saying he was doing downward dogs(the yoga position for those who are familiar) because he kept stand on his toes with his hands on the ground making an upside down V. He really just doesn't like to sit, he wants to stand. I really have a hard time making him sit. He would rather stand and hold onto the couch than sit on the floor.

He is eating solid foods but just a few. He is eating peas, squash, applesauce, and pears. I had to take the sweet potatoes away because they tore his little belly up. Other than that, we haven't had any issues. He is just getting one jar at night along with his cereal. He loves to eat and watches every bite you take.

We are still nursing and I haven't had to supplement with a bottle for 3 months which was a huge answer to pray for me. The bad thing is now he won't take a bottle so that is not good when mommy wants a little break or he needs to be watched for something.

Wesley is such a sweet baby. His smile just lights up a room. When he smiles it is all over his face from his head to his chin, the eyes light up and the dimples show. He does have a temper and he will let you know when he is not happy and he will let Max know when he has had enough of him, too. He is so strong and is never, ever still. There is always some part of him moving. I think only those first few hours of good, dead to the world sleep is the only time he is not moving. He laughs all the time. He loves to play peek a boo and thinks it is hysterical. He still loves to be sung to and is enjoying being read to now.

Max is still doing well for the most part. He has started being a little more jealous of Wesley. He will get in front of you when you are trying to talk to Wesley. If someone is making goo goo sounds and playing with Wesley he will sit next to him and make sure you see him there. I can't hardly take a picture of just Wesley, Max will jump in next to him. His bad behavior has picked up but I think it is just to get my attention. Overall though he has did wonderfully well and really loves his little brother. He is very protective of him.

I am blessed to have two wonderful boys. I can't imagine what my life would be like without them!

Wesley sitting in the glider like a big boy!

6 months old

Max acting like Wesley the first picture of Wesley.

Sitting up on his own this weekend.

He feel asleep for the first time in his high chair last week.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Maxism for the week 1/5/08

Okay, it has been forever but here are a few from over the past couple of weeks.

That show was on TV and it was a show I tell ya!

The conversation I heard in the bathroom while giving Wesley a bath...Rex said,"How many times have I told you not to do that!?" Max's answer,"About 8."

Does God give us arms for the broken hearted?

Mommy, does God wear a black suit and a white tie?

I've been doing this for years! I can't remember what "this" was but he had been doing it for years obviously.

If you put your eyes up like this (meaning rolling them up in your eye lids) you can see the blood inside your eyes!

We went to the Chick-fil-A Drawf House in Atlanta when we went to visit my grandmother's around Christmas. They are sit down Chick-fil-A restaurants that are only around the Atlanta area. They had the breakfast bar open when we were there and Rex and my dad both ate off the bar. When you ordered the bar you got two little waffles with it. Max had been eating some of my dad's and dad had just given my sister Jessica a piece of it to eat. When she was fixing to bit into it Max tells her, "Jessi, when you eat that waffle it will change your life!"

My dad sings songs to familiar tunes but adds in his own funny lyrics. One of these is Oh! Christmas Cake, sung in the tune of Oh! Christmas Tree.
Which goes..
Oh Christmas cake
Oh Christmas cake
I am about to eat thee...
This is about Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes
We had been to my mom and dad's and gotten home and were fixing to eat dinner. Max asks Rex,"Daddy do you know how Oh Christmas Cake goes?"
We had the jalapenos on the table and he starts singing...
"Oh Christmas jalapeno
Oh Christmas jalapeno
I am about to eat thee..."

Upon downloading some new Wii games onto my mom and dad's Wii he says,"This is the best day ever!"

Friday, January 2, 2009

What happens when you aren't looking.

The other day I was feeding Wesley his cereal. He was being very wiggly and more messy than normal so I got up to wet a washcloth and left the cereal bowl and spoon there without thinking anything about it. When I turned back around this is what I saw.

Never leave anything where they can get their hands on it!

We have also started using a sippy cup. I couldn't find any soft topped sippy cups from Max so I bought a new one. I don't remember Max's being so big. This one looks as big as Wesley's head. Of course, he does have a small head. None the less, he is using it pretty good now but we are only doing water during dinner time nothing major just trying to get started.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Rex

Today is Rex's 28th birthday. Last night we went to dinner at Ichiban with a few friends and family. I tried to surprise him with a birthday cake for the dinner but of course it was spoiled but not by the expect 4 year old, who told everyone what they got for Christmas if he knew about it, but by me. We went to Publix yesterday to pick up the cake but I had gone the day before and purchased some lactose free sour cream only to find when I got home the seal had been opened. This was my excuse for having to go back the next day.

We got home and Rex's truck wasn't in the driveway and the house was completely silent. Max had to potty and I was in the bathroom with him telling him, when daddy comes home and asks why we went to Publix just tell him we had to get some new sour cream. We aren't going to tell daddy anything about his birthday cake. We went over it several times. Well I stayed in the bathroom and Max leaves. I then here several seconds later, "Daddy! We just went to the Publix to get new sour cream!" Rex is laughing really loudly. Max comes running down the hallway..."I didn't tell daddy about his..." I cut him off before he could say anything and pulled him in the bathroom. Telling him again, don't say anything about the birthday cake.

I come into the living room and Rex is grinning from ear to ear. I asked, "Did he tell you what we got you?" He laughingly says, "No, I was in the bedroom on the computer when you got home and heard you tell him over and over not to tell me about the birthday cake!"

Well so much for having to worry about a 4 year old spilling the beans! We did have a really nice dinner and then a few friends come over to watch the ball drop. I am going to surprise him with his favorite dinner of homemade chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese. So maybe I will pull something over on him! Happy Birthday baby, I love you!

Brian, Crystal, Mandy, and James

Jessica, Colby, and Sharon

Cassie and Tim

Tim and Tolbert

The pineapple boat they bring for your bday at Ichiban.

The cake, it was yummy!