Thursday, January 15, 2009

A weekend with the family

We went to Gatlinburg this past weekend with my family. It was the first time we all got to come since last year. We always have such a good time up there. The boys and I rode up with my mom and dad Friday morning. Rex and Alicia came up Friday evening and Jessica came up Saturday evening.

Wesley had an eventful weekend since he started sitting up on his own while we were there. He did so well on the trip. He was a big boy and sat in a high chair to eat in the room. He rode in the front of the grocery cart for the first time. I didn't have my cart cover with me so I wiped it down really well with some antibacterial wipes. He did really well in it and lasted almost the whole trip in the store in the buggy. He also sat in a high chair in a restaurant for the first time. All these first in one weekend plus looking at size 5 clothes for Max for next winter about gave me a break down. I seriously was tearing up in the Children's Place store having to move to the big section side of the store for Max. It hit me hard that he is not a baby at all anymore!

Wesley looking big and being happy in the shopping cart.

Sitting up on his own. If you look real close you can see the drool pouring out of his mouth,funny!

Wesley's first time using a restaurant high chair at the Apple Barn.

Wesley in the big boy high chair in the room.

Rex and I took Max to the strip Friday night but left the baby with my mom, dad, and Alicia. It was freezing and we didn't want to have to get him out. So, we bundled up big time and went to Fanny Farkels, Max's favorite place, and went to a few places on the strip. We didn't stay out long because of the cold and because I got the call that Wesley was getting fussy.

We did our major shopping day the next day, ate at a favorite Japanese place of ours up there, and they tried to go to the strip. It was still cold but it had rained off and on all day. We only went to the Ripley's game room and it just wouldn't stop raining so we headed in for the night. As you can see our time on the strip is usually centered around what Max wants to do, hence the game rooms both nights! :)

Max and Aunt Jessi doing Dance, Dance, Revolution in the Ripley's game room.

We got to see a little snow Sunday morning. By the time I got around to taking pictures after packing, getting ready, and tending to the kids it had already melted quite a bit. Max did get to see it snowing but didn't get to play in it. It was beautiful while it lasted but it was gone very fast. We made our usually Sunday lunch trip to the Apple Barn, did a little more shopping, and then headed home.

Some of the melting snow, it was so pretty when it was coated white!

My dad and the boys at the Apple Barn

We found some hungry geese out in the parking lot after lunch.

It was a great weekend! I love our annual trip we make with my family. It is so nice to just get away and spend time with the ones you love. I am ready for the next one!

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LeeAnne said...

The snow pictures look beautiful! And I hope you fed those geese. ;)