Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Rex

Today is Rex's 28th birthday. Last night we went to dinner at Ichiban with a few friends and family. I tried to surprise him with a birthday cake for the dinner but of course it was spoiled but not by the expect 4 year old, who told everyone what they got for Christmas if he knew about it, but by me. We went to Publix yesterday to pick up the cake but I had gone the day before and purchased some lactose free sour cream only to find when I got home the seal had been opened. This was my excuse for having to go back the next day.

We got home and Rex's truck wasn't in the driveway and the house was completely silent. Max had to potty and I was in the bathroom with him telling him, when daddy comes home and asks why we went to Publix just tell him we had to get some new sour cream. We aren't going to tell daddy anything about his birthday cake. We went over it several times. Well I stayed in the bathroom and Max leaves. I then here several seconds later, "Daddy! We just went to the Publix to get new sour cream!" Rex is laughing really loudly. Max comes running down the hallway..."I didn't tell daddy about his..." I cut him off before he could say anything and pulled him in the bathroom. Telling him again, don't say anything about the birthday cake.

I come into the living room and Rex is grinning from ear to ear. I asked, "Did he tell you what we got you?" He laughingly says, "No, I was in the bedroom on the computer when you got home and heard you tell him over and over not to tell me about the birthday cake!"

Well so much for having to worry about a 4 year old spilling the beans! We did have a really nice dinner and then a few friends come over to watch the ball drop. I am going to surprise him with his favorite dinner of homemade chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese. So maybe I will pull something over on him! Happy Birthday baby, I love you!

Brian, Crystal, Mandy, and James

Jessica, Colby, and Sharon

Cassie and Tim

Tim and Tolbert

The pineapple boat they bring for your bday at Ichiban.

The cake, it was yummy!

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