Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maxisms for the week 1/31

Here are several since I know I haven't posted any in the last 2 weeks.

My dad was goofing around with Max and called him Maxamillion. Max proceeded to tell him,"Paw Paw's I do not like the name a million!"

We went out to lunch after church on a Sunday with a family that comes and does a music revival at our church every year. Dad was talking about a movie he had recently watched and said, " I like Al Pacino." Max said, "Apple chinos, yeah, I like those, apple chinos."

Mommy, this cake I made with my Easy Bake Oven is so delicious!

While waiting on a pop tart one morning he says, "If I was a pop tart and you put me in the toaster, when I'd pop up I'd be warm and you could eat me up!"

When I was taking down the Christmas decorations Max found a strand of lights in the storage tub and plugged them in. After he plugged them in, he looked at them and said, "That was delightful!"

While looking out the window he says, "Mommy, I can see Ranger (our dog) in the field and he is totatlly fat!"

Do you think I can breastfeed brother?

Does God have a black suit with a white tie? (He is very interested in what God looks like and what his surroundings look like.)

Mom, come and look at this poop. It is the biggest poop I've ever seen! ( I had to throw a potty one in there!)

Okay so we have been pull-up free for a whole week! This is such a huge step and it so nice to only have to change one little guy's poopy diapers everyday!:) Max still asks for a pull-up sometimes and says it's becuase it is going to hurt. I think when he is starting to feel the urge to go the potty it still scares him some and he wants that comfort of the pull-up. I have not given in at all and every time he has gone successfully with no pain and it then very proud of himself. Several times he has gone in on his own and pooped without any problems so that is great. All in all he is doing really well but he had his first accident in the bed last night. Rex didn't make him potty before bed time last night so that was the big no no. Only one accident in over a week is great and I will take it without complaining. :)


Alicia said...

Yay, Max! Rebekah has made great strides in PT'ing as well. I'll be posting about it soon. :-)

LeeAnne said...

LOL at the poop comment -- we had an almost identical "Mommy, you have GOT to come look at this poop!" remark last week! ;-) Why are they so fascinated by poop?