Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A reward for Max

Last week we took Max to Chuck E Cheese a reward for pooping in the potty. CEC is one of his favorite places and I have been saving it as a reward for pottying. I had a coupon for 100 tokens for $15 and we used them all. Rex kept saying there is no way we will use all of these but we did. We stayed later than we had planned on but Max had a blast. My sister, Alicia, ended up stopping by since she lives about 5 minutes from there and she hadn't seen the boys in awhile. Here are a few pics.

Wesley eating dinner in his stroller. What a happy boy he is, such a joy!

Wesley and Aunt Shia

He loves that bike!
He was cracking us up on this roller coaster simulator. He was really getting into it!

Playing a favorite, air hockey!

Big boy in the big boy game side. Where did my baby go?

Next adventure, Pump it Up. I promised that I would take him there too so we will be visitning sometime soon!

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HomeSpun Threads said...

You may find that not to long after going to Chuck E Cheeses, the kids get sick. It happens to us every single time. They love it, but for some reason that place is a germ incubator.