Friday, February 13, 2009

Seven moths

Wesley turned 7 months old on Wednesday. I can't believe another month is gone already. I can't believe I've actually starting birthday party planning! :( It makes me sad to see how much time has already flown by.

He is such a little jabber box. I had to take him out of church Wednesday night because he doing his running motor so loud and continuously. Of course, his Paw Paw's said as I reached the door that is wasn't bothering him but it is only cute for so long. He of course babbles but he says Dadee and Dada all the time, he hasn't made the connection of course but he says them none the less. Max thinks he says things all the time and will tell me, "Mommy, Wesley just said ohhbay (or whatever he thinks he said)." It is too funny.

He still is a toothless wonder but I wish they would just come in already! All this slobber and fussiness for nothing! Arggghhh!!! He has several knots on the gums and that same eye tooth is there. You can see it under the skin it just won't break threw. Maybe, I should be grateful since he is still nursing.

He is on the verge of crawling. He can get anywhere he wants by his leap frog move. If you haven't seen it, check it out below in older posts. He is on his knees whenever you put him on the floor know and has gotten back up to a seated position after laying flat several times.

He reaches out for people when they hold their hands out to hold him. He also will turn away when he doesn't want to go. He is using his hands and arms really well now and has very good control for the most part. He still will hit himself in the face with toys sometimes. Of course everything that he gets a hold of goes in the mouth. He loves to tare paper.

He is eating pretty good and is now in the second foods stage. We just started meat this week. He doesn't seem to care much for it but maybe he will like it better the more he gets of it. He sleeps through the night most nights so that is nice for me. He still likes to be swaddled to sleep and will stay that way all night. He usually doesn't wiggle out of it.

He is still such a joy and has just the sweet disposition. He laughs all the time and loves to interact with people. Max loves to make him laugh and Wesley thinks big brother is the best. I love to see them playing together and laughing at each other. I can't wait until Wes is bigger and they get to really play and interact together.

Here are a few pics from this week. The naked pics and pics in the green chair were from last night pre and post bath. The other are a few I took Tuesday when I was going to do a wordless Wednesday post and ended up being gone all day.

Max actually took this picture of him laughing! What a happy boy!

Bath time fun!

Getting ready for bed time!

Snug as a bug in a rug!

I was trying to capture his new face where he wrinkles up his nose. This is close but too cute not share!

My big boy!

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