Monday, February 23, 2009

Not me! Monday!

I got this idea from a fellow blogger Angela, who get it from it's creator MckMama. This is a list of things that I didn't do this week.

I would never let Max play in Wesley's baby toys. That would be dangerous as he is way past the weight limit on such said items. I would never tell him to keep continuing what he is doing so I can get the camera either. Never not me!

I would never let my 7 month old fall asleep in the floor and leave him there while I took pictures of his big brother playing in the baby toys either. (Look in the background in above picture).

I would never let Max stand on the diaper pail and entertain his brother while I change his diaper.

I would never let Wesley play with a balloon either while changing his diaper.

I would never let Max jump on his bed with Wesley on it just because it makes him laugh and take video of it. Never no! Not me!

I would never run and get my camera to take a picture of all my boys sitting in the floor together, the little ones watching the big one play his XBox.

I always dress my son myself when he finishes using the potty so he will always have his clothes on the right way.

I always, always make sure my child eats a proper breakfast lunch and dinner. I would never let him have cereal for dinner and then leftovers of chicken and dressing, ham, and mac and cheese for breakfast.

I would never let my child fall asleep in his high chair while I did a load of laundry and started running his bath. I would never then go and search for the camera because his head was laying on the table and take a picture anyway when I found tje camera and he had moved his head because he is just too cute! No not me!

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LeeAnne said...

These are so funny! I laughed out loud at that video -- Wesley's laughter is so cute! And then when he rolled over ... Maggie and I were both laughing!! Thanks for the smiles -- hope everyone is feeling better in your houe today!