Saturday, February 21, 2009

Maxisms for the week 2/21/09

Driving home just today from baseball sign ups I asked Max if he wanted some chicken nuggets from Wendy's. He said yes then said, "No I want a Ceaser's." I didn't really want to have to get both kids out of the car to get a pizza and I didn't want to spend $5 on the pizza that he would eat 2 pieces of and I can't eat any of it. I tell him, "No, I don't want to spend the money on the pizza." He says, "But Mom, it's only $5!!!!"

"I am sure am glad Daddy went to church with us because I sure do love him. I like to play his XBox too." I asked him, "does mommy have anything fun?" He says, "Not really but you do have your blog!"

"I brought my different bass with me to because it sounds different than my other guitar." I asked him, "How does it sound different?" He answered, "Because it doesn't plug up to an amplifier!"

I get my hair done in Fort Oglethorpe and I usually get off at the Cloud Springs Rd exit. We were driving by a shopping center right off the interstate and he shouts, "Mommy, I just saw the bull mark!" If you have seen the commercial you know what I'm talking about.

After spilling some drink on himself he says, "Mommy, I just got that wetness on my pants!"

I was holding Wesley and Max leans over and whispered something in his ear. I asked him what he whispered to his brother. He says, " I told him just do whatever she tells you and you will be ok." Maybe we were having some discipline issues that day!:)

He is telling me a story about what happened to him and his daddy a few months ago....
"We got in the truck and totally thought the truck was dead but we tried again and it fired right up! I don't have any idea what was wrong with it!"

Did you hear that beat? I was a scary beat.

I set it down correctly where it needed to be.

For all you nursing moms out there...
I get fresh milk and brother gets breast milk.

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LeeAnne said...

Oh, I love the image of him whispering brotherly advice to Wesley! How sweet! And at least it was good advice ... it certainly could have been worse! :)