Thursday, February 5, 2009

I hope the worst is over

Well we have had our first family sickness. Max and I have gotten sick together a lot but Rex usually doesn't catch whatever it is we have. Tuesday evening around 4:00 out of the blue Max says, "I need to throw up!" Great, I thought. It hadn't been but a few hours ago I had talked to my bible study leader and told her I was glad we didn't have the stomach virus she said he family had had. He continued to get sick but was nothing like the last virus he had. Well around 6:00 I start feeling nauseous and it hit me a couple of hours later. Max and I were both sick off and on the rest of the night. Around 1:00 am, Rex started getting sick and around 2:00 Wesley got it.
As far as families doing things together this is one I wish we could have skipped. Prayerfully, Wesley got the least of it but unfortunately Rex was the worst. Of course, for the man who never gets sick when he does you would think he is dieing.;)
After a day of rest and well needed sleep we are all doing better not 100% but better. Hopefully that was all of this one. I guess now it is just until the next one.

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