Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You know your tied when take 2

Now it's Wesley's turn. One day last week, Wesley hadn't slept all day. He was fussy and just not a happy boy. After dinner and bath time I put his pj's on him and put him in the floor. I wnet and put on my pj's, washed my face, and did my nightly routine. I knew it had gotten awfully quiet in the living room, when I came in this is what I found...

Of course, he woke up when I picked him up to swaddle him. Yes, he is still being swaddled and he sleeps so much better when he is. I think we will be swaddling him until he's going to kindergarten. :) I digress, but there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.

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Becky said...

we swaddled aubrey forever, too. she still likes to be all snug in her bed and sleeps with her head under the covers.