Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman we have a big boy!

Okay so Max has been super super slow on the potty training issues. He has been completely pee pee trained for a year now but still refused to poop on the potty. Several months ago, on the advice of a friend, we took the pull-ups out of the house. He will not poop in his pants so Max stopped pooping and after 5 days of no poop we had a horrible trying to make him poop on the potty, screaming, crying, episode that completely set us all the way back.

We ran out of pull-ups on Tuesday. Neither Rex nor I would remember to pick any up when we were at the store. He was fine at night and not having any accidents but he wasn't pooping. I have been giving him some Miralax to help soften things up and knew he was going to have to go. Thursday he had been saying he needed to poop all day and Rex was going to bring some pull-ups home when he got off work. Well, Rex got home and forgot to get some and Max is dying at this point. He comes running in the room and says, " I have to go now, I think I will just go in my underwear." I tell him, "Okay that is fine but if you choose to poop in your pants, you will clean the mess up yourself and get a spanking." I don't spank him for pooping in his pull-up but for choosing to poop in his pants, I had had enough! Arrrgggghhhh!!!!!

Well a few minutes later he runs back, "I got to go, I got to go! I think I will try to go on the potty! Oh, no I think I just went a little in my pants," he says. We rush to the potty and he had pooped a little bit in his underwear but...drum roll please... he POOPED ON THE POTTY! Rex actually got home right around this time with the pull-ups and Max chose to sit a little bit longer, asked for the potty seat insert(which he has never sat on and I bought when he was 2 1/2) and finished using the bathroom. He then about an hour later went again! We were ecstatic to say the least but I tried not to make too huge of a deal of it. Just a few high fives and what a great job, your such a big boy, a hug, and the greatest reward to Max the spraying of the air freshener!

We went to Atlanta to visit my grandmother this weekend and Max pooped on the potty 3 times! I can only say that this is short of a miracle in my book! LOL! I am so hoping this is the end of the pull-ups and we will be able to return the unopened pack that was purchased. He tonight at the dinner table was saying he was glad to be a big boy and now didn't think he would like the feel of pooping in a pull-up anymore! WOW!!!! He also has had zero accidents at night and been in big boy underwear all day and night for a week. I just hope it sticks and we will have no more set backs!

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever sit down and write about at child pooping on the potty but here I am a proud mother of hopefully a completely potty trained child!

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Alicia said...

Yay, Max! Way to go! Such a big boy! That's awesome! Rebekah is doing really well lately too. She will go almost an entire week and then have an accident, but she's so close. We have a big reward planned once she goes a solid week accident-free. I know what a huge deal this is, so I'm thrilled for you. That's great that Max is night-trained too. I think Rebekah's close since she's been waking up dry most mornings.