Monday, January 5, 2009

Maxism for the week 1/5/08

Okay, it has been forever but here are a few from over the past couple of weeks.

That show was on TV and it was a show I tell ya!

The conversation I heard in the bathroom while giving Wesley a bath...Rex said,"How many times have I told you not to do that!?" Max's answer,"About 8."

Does God give us arms for the broken hearted?

Mommy, does God wear a black suit and a white tie?

I've been doing this for years! I can't remember what "this" was but he had been doing it for years obviously.

If you put your eyes up like this (meaning rolling them up in your eye lids) you can see the blood inside your eyes!

We went to the Chick-fil-A Drawf House in Atlanta when we went to visit my grandmother's around Christmas. They are sit down Chick-fil-A restaurants that are only around the Atlanta area. They had the breakfast bar open when we were there and Rex and my dad both ate off the bar. When you ordered the bar you got two little waffles with it. Max had been eating some of my dad's and dad had just given my sister Jessica a piece of it to eat. When she was fixing to bit into it Max tells her, "Jessi, when you eat that waffle it will change your life!"

My dad sings songs to familiar tunes but adds in his own funny lyrics. One of these is Oh! Christmas Cake, sung in the tune of Oh! Christmas Tree.
Which goes..
Oh Christmas cake
Oh Christmas cake
I am about to eat thee...
This is about Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes
We had been to my mom and dad's and gotten home and were fixing to eat dinner. Max asks Rex,"Daddy do you know how Oh Christmas Cake goes?"
We had the jalapenos on the table and he starts singing...
"Oh Christmas jalapeno
Oh Christmas jalapeno
I am about to eat thee..."

Upon downloading some new Wii games onto my mom and dad's Wii he says,"This is the best day ever!"

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Alicia said...

Max cracks me up! He is all the time saying funny things!