Monday, January 19, 2009

Wesley's new trick

Okay, so Wesley has started making tons of noises! He jabbers and makes noises all the time. My sis caught some on video on my camera the other day and it was too long to download but I got some today and it is a combination of it all so it gives you a better idea of what I listen to in combination with big brother all day long.

He finally found his feet a week or so ago and now he will not keep his hands off his feet. He actually peed on his face/head this morning. Gross and funny at the same time. He loves to hold onto them when he doesn't have his diaper on and while I was trying to change him this morning he was holding his feet and out it come straight to the side of the face and head. Too bad I didn't caught that on video! Anyway, here a few pics of him holding his feet.

Here are a few of him setting up. He has gotten the hand of it and actually enjoys it now.

Time to break out the baby bed. No more pack and play for the big boy that can set up and fall out of it!


Jennifer said...

Too cute! I miss all of those sweet baby noises. Even though Hudson is 18 months, he is trying to talk more and we hear less baby sounds every day! It makes me sad!!

The Jones Family said...

That is to cute. It is amazing how our little babys grow up so quick.