Thursday, August 13, 2009

Say it aint' so!

Well, tomorrow my precious son will be fiver years old. Five years old!!!!! I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital, dealing with all my nursing problems, and getting zero sleep!!! Well, I am still nursing, Wesley that is, with no problems and getting more sleep. At least things have changed some.

Five years ago tonight, I was packing 3 bags. One for me, one for Max, and one for Rex. We got a nice surprise when I developed preclampsia and had to go in for an early induction which turned into a C-section. I was not prepared, I still had weeks left. I was going to take a week off of work to ready for him, for crying out loud!!! I had a baby shower scheduled for the day he was born that had to be canceled and I had nothing and I mean nothing ready for the hospital.

He was born at 7:51 pm on August, 2004. I couldn't comprehend on that day how irrevicobaly my life had been changed. Changed for the better but changed none the less. He is all and more than I could ask for from a son. He is so sweet and caring. He is hillarious and too smart for his own good. He is 1,000 % boy and I wouldn't change him any way.

Tomorrow starts the last day of the last year I have him at home (well give or take a few days since I don't know what day school actually starts on next year). I plan to cherish every day even more and try to real enjoy my last year with him at home. This will be a year of changes, I know. He is already transitioning into that big boy I'm not quite ready for him to be yet. He is going to have to be self-suficent in order to start school so I don't need to baby him as much as I do. I know I will enjoy the next phase in his life but it's going to be a hard transition for me.

Tomorrow we are going to party it up at Goony Golf and celebrate the day my precious boy came into the world!! Happy Birthday, Max. Mommy loves you more than life itself!!!


Natalie Jane said...

Just found your blog. Cute boys!

LeeAnne said...

Happy birthday, Max!! Did you get my text today? I'm sorry we had to miss the party -- the day just turned crazy on us. I will bring his present to the next MNO. Hope you guys had a great day!!