Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not me! Monday!

Welcome to my second addition of Not me! Monday! Check out what everyone else is not doing this week too at

I would never let my crawling seven month old try to grab the DVD player. That would dangerous and might allow him to receive a shock! I would never let him continue doing so until I could find the camera, that would be irresponsible.

I would never take a dozen pictures to capture Wesley's first tooth that has finally came in. That would be crazy since I never could capture the tooth on film!

I would never sit and shake my head yes for 10 minutes continually because my baby thinks it is funny. I wouldn't ever proceed to tape the laughter because he is sick and hoarse and I want to capture the pitiful sound on video. Never not me!

I would never let Max put things on Wesley because he thinks it is funny and this is how he plays with him.

I would never post a picture of my son because just because I think it's cute!

I am not one of those obsessive mother's who takes pictures of everything her children do. I would never take pictures of the first time Wesley sat in his tub without the sling. That would again be crazy and I don't do things like that, NEVER!

I would never punish Max by making him sit on his bed and not play with any of toys to try to teach to respect other people's property after he broke my display shelf when I was in the shower and he got it out without permission! Not me! No never!

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