Monday, March 16, 2009

What can you get for $3.36?

My shopping savings today at Publix

1 Chicken Lunchable (not shown because it was eaten by my 4 year old)
1 box Eggo Waffles (on sale 1.50)
1 loaf Nature's Own Bread (on sale $2)
1 Thomas English Muffins
1 SF Jello cups
1 pack bacon (on sale $2)
1 lb sausage (on sale $2.50)
1 4 pack Dannon Activa yougurt (on sale $2)
1 Ovrille Red mini bags popcorn
1 Finish Gel Dishwashing Detergant
1 bag Publix Spring Mix salad (on sale 2 for $4)
1 bag Publix tortilla chips (penny mystery item)
1 bundle Asparagus
2 Tai Pei frozen entrees
6 Gerber 2nd double packs
1 box Yogos
1 Publix Honey Turkey lunch meat (on sale $3)
1 head cabbage
2 bottles Lysol all purpose cleaner (had a rain check for these at BOGO price)
1 Coffemate liquid creamer (on sale for $2)
1 Cataloupe
6 boxes Uncle Ben's instant rice
1 bundle bananas

Total before coupons at BOGO pricing $57.98
-Coupon savings $23.62
-Walgreen's Register Rewards $31.00 (gotten last week during the diaper deals)

Total out pocket $3.36!!!!!

total savings $82.29


Heather said...

Hi Becky!

I just found your blog on FiddleDeeDee and was excited to find a coupon blogger from my area!

I'm from Ringgold and I normally shop at the Publix on East Brainerd Road. Does your Publix take Drug Store and Target coupons as competitor qs? Mine won't, but if yours does I'm a' headin' that way from now on!


Rebekah said...

I am unclear. You shopped at Publix but were able to use Walgreens register rewards. I didn't know that worked. Does it work at all Publix. I use the one on East Brainerd road.

HomeSpun Threads said...


GIRL! I'm takin' notes!

Jennifer said...

OMG! How in the world??? You have to tell me how you are doing this!

Heather said...

The Publix on East Brainerd will take competitor grocery store coupons (Bi-Lo, Food Lion, etc, but not Target, CVS, Walgreens).

LeeAnne said...

Holy crap!!! This is amazing. You should do a playgroup mommy workshop or something ... I'd love to see firsthand how you plan these shopping trips. How long does it take?

Heather said...

Thanks Becky! Would you mind if I told my readers about the good news and give them a link to your wonderful shopping trip?