Saturday, March 7, 2009

He loves to swing

It amazes my daily how different the boys are. How can two children that are the same sex and from the same parents be so totally different? Max was always a pleasant, sweet natured child but strong willed at the same time. Wesley is by far more happy and smiley but exceedingly more stubborn. (That I'm really looking forward too! ) Wesley loves stuffed animals, blankets, pacifiers, and a lot of other things Max did not. Yesterday I found a new one.

We met some friends at the park yesterday around lunch time since it was supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees. Well it turned out to be cloudy, windy, and chilly but we still played and had fun. Max had been wanting to swing and once I finished feeding Wesley lunch we headed that way. Max hated to swing until last summer. As a baby I tried every time we went to the park and every time he screamed and screamed. After pushing Max a while and he flipped out of the swing while swinging on his stomach I made him get off the swing. I decided to try Wesley out on the baby swing and he LOVED it!!!! He laughed, smiled, and kicked his feet the whole time he was on the swing. I ran and got my camera to get some pictures and take a quick video.

Max of course loved to push him and got a little carried away at times (as you will see in the video) but little Wesley just ate it up and enjoyed it. I know now where I will be spending my time with Wesley on the playground!

Look at that face! Oh to have that much joy!

The video really captures his excitement!

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Alicia said...

Wesley is such a cutie! I love to hear his laugh!