Monday, February 1, 2010

We love those snowy days!

Wow, it actually snowed this weekend. Not just a dusting but a real snow! It hasn't snowed this much in 8 to 10 years. Growing up here, we always had a least one good snow every year. Those snowy days are some of my best memories from growing up in our neighborhood. Max has never seen this much snow. We have seen enough to have gone sledding a few times but a couple have been at night and the last one it was early in the morning and all the snow was gone by that evening. The news said we got 3.5 inches in our area, I know we got at least that much at our house. We still have snow on the ground today, 3 days later, but sadly all of it is melting away as I type. Large chunks have been falling off the roof all morning, actually.

Friday evening, I layered up the boys and myself, put on their heavy coats, gloves, hats, rubber boots, and out we went. Daddy was actually at home to play with us this time so he got to do all the leg work, it was a nice change for me. Rex's cousin, his wife, and their daughter came over to play and sled with us. The kids had a blast. They sled down the hill, threw snow, made snow angels, fell down a lot, and ate quite a bit of it. Rex and Colby built a very large snowman and Max helped out some. Wesley was content just eating the snow while they worked. We spent a few hours out in the wet and cold but had to head back in once it started getting dark. I am so glad we have family close by so my boys can grow up doing fun things with their cousins.

Max wanted to show me something, he started sledding and half way down he fell over on his face.
He got up and said, "Wait, that is not what I wanted to show you!"

Making snow angels

Kissing cousins

All three sledding together.

Daddy took Max out to play in it on Saturday for a little while when Wesley was napping. We really enjoyed our wintery weekend and I am so glad they have gotten to see some real snowfall this year.

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