Monday, January 11, 2010

Week one

Well, I survived the frigid temps and was actually able to stay pretty well on track. I missed one workout this week because it was planned for Thursday and since it snowed we lost one day. My sweet friend, Jen, invited me to join her at her gym on Saturday morning and we exercised together. I may just have to find a way to come up with the extra money for the gym so I can always have somewhere to run and I would really like to do some aerobics classes, as well.

The group as a whole is starting over with week one with our training program since most ladies only got one session in. Thankfully, it will be a littler bit warmer than last week. Not much better but hey, any thing above freezing is good at this point.

I did pretty well on my diet and only had one bad day. I lost 5 pounds so I can't complain! I am excited about our walk/run tonight! I think we have decided to shoot for a local 5K in April through the Chickamauga Battlefield. That should be a really good practice run for us! I am staying on track! I will do this! :)

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