Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A weekend with the Akins

Every year a family singing group, The Akins, comes to our church. They have been coming for about 10 years now. There is the dad, David, and his three sons, Davy, Nick, and Eli. They are grounded in The Word and in their faith, down to earth, sweet, funny, and very, very talented men. Max LOVES them! He gets so excited every time they come and very upset every time they leave. He loves them all but Nick is his special buddy.

He was so excited when I read to him from the bulletin one Sunday morning, "Do you want to spend a weekend with The Akins?" He thought he was going to get to spend the night with them and was very disappointed when I told him they would just be here for the weekend, it didn't mean he got to spend the night with them.

They were here for Friday night, Saturday night, and both Sunday services. Wesley really enjoyed the music, he clapped along with the songs, danced, and clapped at the end of each song. Max loved the music as always. After the services were over each night, Max would wait on pins and needles until they let him play their drums and guitars. Wesley loved playing the drums, as well. So much so that he pitched a huge fit one night when we had to take him off the drums to leave.

The Akins have released a new CD and it is awesome. The songs and lyrics are their best yet! They are currently working to make it to the big leagues. Their current single, I want my stage to be an altar, made it to the #8 spot on the Singing News Chart last week. They were super excited and so were we! They are such a blessing and the Lord always works in me when they come. It was a wonderful weekend full of great music and lots of laughs. We can't wait unitl next year!

Wesley singing.

Nick and Max

Max and Nick playing drums

Max doing rim shots for Nick's jokes

Wes loving the drums

Max with Eli's guitar. Eli built this guitar and another he brought with him. He is amazing!

Eli helping Max out with playing.

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