Monday, May 17, 2010

A week at Disney: Day 1

We left out Sunday afternoon to head down to Orlando. We made it to the resort at about 12:30 am. It wasn't until 2:00 am that we finally made it into bed. The boys were awake around 8:30 so we were all dragging Monday morning. We finally made it into Magic Kingdom a little after 3:00.
Wes and Paw Paw's headed to
the Monorail

We finally made it into
Magic Kingdom!

on the train

We decided to get on the train and ride straight to Mickey's Toontwon Fair and try to see Mickey and Minnie first. The wait was 45 minutes at that point so we decided to do something else and come back later. Wesley wanted to play in the little play area there and Max said he wanted to ride Goofy's Barnstormer. He chickened out once we got close, though. My dad and I road it without him. I was sure once we got on he would change his mind but he didn't.

We then headed over to Winnie the Pooh and road it. This is my favorite ride. I love Winnie the Pooh but the ride is super cute with all the bouncing, floating, and listening to the story book. It was super crowded and the wait times were long at every ride. Max was dying to ride Peter Pan but the wait was an hour and the Fast Pass time was already at 8:00. We fast passed it anyway but didn't end up staying that late.

Wes had to ride with Paw Paw's
and Nana's

Max rode with Mommy.

Next we road Small World. Max and Wes both enjoyed it. It was nice to be in air conditioning for a good 10 minutes, too!

Daddy and his boys

riding into Small World

Wesley had to ride with Paw Paw's again.

From Small World we decided to head over to Tomorrow Land and ride Space Mountain. It was closed last year when we went and all the big kids wanted to ride it. Max wanted to walk through Cinderella's Castle and we decided to stop and get a Mickey ice cream. Wesley throughally enjoyed his!

We stopped and looked at a fountain at the back side of the castle because our little Wes LOVES water and fountains. Of course he can't keep his hand out of them either!

back side of the castle
If you have never walked through it you need to. There are beautiful glass mosaics on the walls depicting stories of the princesses.

Once on the other side, everyone was just wiped out and we decided to call it a day. Wesley was beyond controlable at that point and Max was pretty much over it himself. First a few shots in front of the castle.

I had promised Max we could ride the ferry boat pack to the parking lot and of course the boys wanted to ride on the top.  We made several trips up and down the steps with wild man Wes but we made it back in one piece. On the tram ride back to the car, Dad was using mouthing the words the driver was saying and the boys thought it was hysterical. The laughed and laughed!

giving Mommy sas for taking his picture

swinging from the hand rails
laughing at Paw Paw's

We had a good day but we just so tired. We headed back to the room for some dinner and pool time. More to come tomorrow!

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