Sunday, May 23, 2010

A week at Disney: Day 2

We got a late start again on Tuesday but headed out to Epcot after lunch. This was all of our first time to Epcot and I really wish we could have made it back to see more of it.

First getting into Epcot.

Another view of the sphere with some
beautiful flowers

Donald, Daisy, and Goofy topiaries that
are roasting marshmellows over
a fire.

They had a festival of flowers going on while we were there. It was absolutley beautiful! There were tons of character topiaries and flowers every where you looked. Max was so excited when he first saw the globe. He said, "It's the real globe I see pictures of on the Disney Channel!" We road the ride that is inside the globe first. It is a slow moving 18 minute interactive ride. It was neat. It gave a little "history" of how humans have changed over time but it was little to far on the evolution side for my taste. Once you get to the top it is totally black and looks like the night sky. The turn you around and tilt you backwards so you can see the stars. My dad and Max were riding in front of us and they weren't paying attention when it asked for a language and somehow they got Japanese. Dad said he would have enjoyed it a lot more if he had heard what was being said! :)

We headed over to the character meeting spot so the kids could see all the beloved Disney friends. It was a long wait and so we decided to do something else. We didn't make it too far when we ran into to Chip and Dale. Dale snuck up on Max and he thought it was hilarious. Wesley couldn't wait to meet them. Max changed his mind once in line and never would come and see them. Wesley on the other hand couldn't stop hugging them!

Finally, it's his turn!

Getting their autograph!

Now Chip!

Chip and Dale were so cute and really
played around with the kids.

After seeing how much Wes loved seeing Chip and Dale, I changed my mind and decided to go ahead and wait in line to see all the characters. The line moved pretty fast and it was only about a 35 minute wait. Once we got close enough to see Mickey Mouse, we had a hard time making Wesley wait for his turn.

Mickey got a hug first thing, too.

Max wanted the autograph first.

Wesley just wanted to talk to Mickey not
get his picture made.

Next was Pluto!

Wes was a little mischevious here.
He ran behind Pluto and was pulling on his tail and
then he ran behind the set design to try to get back to
Mickey Mouse.

Max wouldn't go see Minnie. He said he didn't like girls
and didn't want to get his picture made with one. Wes gave her
a hug but ran away as soon as he did.

Both of the boys were excited about seeing Donald!

Max was most excited about Goofy! Goofy is his favorite!

The boys LOVED seeing all the characters which made it so worth the wait! We headed over to the Nemo ride next. I didn't take any pictures in there but I wished I did. The ride was super cute and at the end, it brought you out into a small aquarium. They had all kinds of sea life. We spent another good 30 to 40 minutes in the aquarium part. They even had a tall circular tank that had Nemo, Dorie, and Nemo's dad in it. 

Max actually got lost for a few minutes once we started moving on to something else. I had Wesley and thought Max was with Rex. I had taken Wesley to see some Nemo scultpures and my mom all of a sudden asks, "Where's Max?" I turned to say, "He's right there" but all that I got out was, "He's right..." He was no where to be seen. Panic was all I was trying not to do but thankfully Rex walked right back to where we had been and Max was just standing there crying. He must have just not been paying attention and we all thought someone else had him. I mean I can't blame him, it's very easy to get distracted at Disney, there is just so much to see. Needless to say he didn't get out of our sight again the rest of the trip!

Jessica, my younger sis, was flying in that night and we didn't have tons of time left so we decided to head over to the area with all the different countries. We stopped by the Honey I Shrunk the Audience but it was been made into something else but decided to get on another ride at the Imaginarium. Max started talking to a man that worked there and he ended up being a manager. He walked Max inside and showelhd him a lot of things on the way in. Max for some reason got scared and didn't want to ride. Rex stayed with him but the manager finally got him on it and Max really liked it. Just another reason to love Disney!

We passed a playground on the way to the countries and both the boys wanted to play. Since they had played in the Imaginarium area after the ride and played on the play ground, we ran out of time and didn't make it into the back part of Epcot. I really regret that because I have heard it is wonderful. I had planned on bringing Max back to watch the fire works at Epcot that night but he wanted to swim after we ate dinner so that's what we did.

We didn't do as much as I would have liked but the kids loved it and it was another great day!!! Hollywood Studios on the next installment!!

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Bev R said...

Becky, It's so awesome to see how the boys are growing. Your narration of them makes me laugh. I can just imagine some of the things based on the personalities that Alicia had described to me, especially Max. I remember when the boys were born and how proud she was. I always got pictures but unfortunaly we have lost contact since I no longer work where I did. Please tell her Hi for me.
Bev R