Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten-first quarter update

Well my big boy did start school this year and I have to say that keeping him at home an extra year was one of the best parenting decisions I have made. Max was so excited and ready to go. He wasn't scared or nervous and didn't cling to my legs and cry for me to stay.

This was a huge step for him since he had not attended preschool and he wasn't used to being away from home all day every day. I was able to go with him the first couple of days and walk him to his class and stay for a little bit. That first day when it was time for the parents to leave he gave me a hug and said, "Bye, mommy. See you after school." I was a little teary eyed the first couple of days but I did okay. He didn't like the first time I dropped him off at the door in the car rider line but he got used to it quickly and that was the only thing he was ever a little uneasy about. He has adjusted smoothly and we thankfully have had no issues. He really likes to go and doesn't complain about going. The schedule has been a good thing for all of us but boy do we stay busy now!

He is excelling wonderfully! I am so amazed at how much he has learned in the last 9 weeks. He loves his teacher (so does Mommy) and all of his classmates. They all seem to get along really well. I have been able to volunteer several times in his class and I love going to help and getting to see what he is doing during the day. He got his first report card on Friday and he had all good marks and the teacher said he was an excellent student and a joy to have in the class. Good news to my ears.

At open house last week, each child had to write a sentence about their favorite thing at school and Max's said...I like the treat jar. Funny boy. He is invovled with the Good News Clubs on Thursday and he has really been enjoying that as well.

 I'm so proud of my little guy and a little sad at the same time. It so hard to see your babies growing up, maturing, and becoming independant. I know it's a good thing and that it's my job as a parent to raise a responsible adult but it is just going by way, way, way too fast. Sometimes, I wish time could just stand still so I can hold on to them a little longer and they can stay little just a while longer. I'm sure as a parent you always feel this way and you learn to adjust and move on but all this growing up is bittersweet!

Here are some picutres of my big boy on his big day!

Heading to school with his backpack and lunch box.

Waiting for annoucments and to go to class for the first time. I
think he was a little nervous here but he kept telling
me he was fine.

In front of his locker in his classroom.

In his seat at his table.

Getting ready to start working!

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