Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. My dad's two sisters and some of their family came up to my parent's house this year. We really did have a great day. The weather was absolutely perfect. The food was superb. We had some live music of guitars, mandolin, and vocals. It was just all around a fantastic day. The kids had a ball and all the grown ups enjoyed watching and sometimes joining in. It's so easy to forget to count our multitude of blessings in our day to day lives. I really love taking the month of November to think on and be thankful of all our blessings.

Max was finally able to decorate a cake all by himself

The turkey hat

Pretty sure he's looking at Paw Paw's

My sweet boys and me.

Cool dude with his shades on

Sweet little Autumn

My daddy and his two sisters

My most favorite people, my fam!

The cousins, all girls this day

Aunt Barbara's family

The Schaffers

Aunt Mot and Uncle David

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