Friday, June 5, 2009

Dayton Beach

Okay, so I am finally getting around to finishing our vacation postings. It has been a world wind two weeks since we've been back.

Update on Wesley. We went to the allergist on Tuesday and he is allergic to cats, dogs, and mold. Finally an answer to all the sickness! He is now on two medications and we are working on some things in the house. The only good thing about this is that it has finally opened up Rex eyes and he sees we can put off moving any longer. We go back in 6 weeks and I am so hoping we will start seeing some relief.

Now, back to the beach post.

We left Orlando Friday morning and headed to Dayton for a few days at the beach. We went straight out to the ocean after unloading the car so the boys see it. We ended up taking naps and didn't actually get any play time in on the beach that day and just hit the pool of a little while. We went to the strip that evening to walk and let Max play in the arcade. Every trip we go on we have to find the arcade. It's not vacation until he gets to play some games!

Wesley's first feel of sand on his feet.

There's nothing like the feel of sand between your toes.

Daddy putting Wesley's feet in the ocean for the first time.

The beach view from the pool.

Wesley and Paw Paw's, best buddies for life!

This boy loves the water.

He loves to play ski ball. Wait, I do too!!!

If there is a shooting game, Max will find it.

The next day we spent the morning on the beach after going to a little mom and pop place to eat breakfast. It was a little whole in the wall right on the inter coastal. We ended up getting to watch one of the sale boats leave out. Max found a hammock swing out front and enjoyed playing in it. We headed back to the room and for the beach. Wesely ended up falling asleep when we got back so Rex brought him out later when he woke up.

Max was ready to go. He wanted to build a sand castle so bad. We never got very far because he would tare down whatever you would start to build. He really enjoyed the ocean for the first time this year. He played in it for a couple of hours. He wanted to go far out but he's just not quite big enough. The water was not too cold and once you were in it was nice. After he got his floaties on he was even more brave.

Wesley didn't mind the sand or water at all. He just sat in the tide and felt the sand and water. He didn't cry at all. He sat there for at least 30 minutes before he even moved. He enjoyed the wet sand more than the dry sand. He kept getting the dry sand in his mouth and eyes.

It was a little over cast that day so it was not too hot. It was a perfect day for the beach. We had an awesome vacation. I am so glad we made the effort to go. It was a lot of work but so worth it. I can't wait to go back next year!!

Max in the hammock swing.
He can still look so angelic at times.

My sweet baby boys!

I'm so glad Max loves his brother!

Digging sand for the sand castle.

He loves for me to take his picture as you can tell by the expression on his face! :)

Time to fill the bucket with water.

No one said it was going to be this hard to catch a bucket of water.

My baby doesn't look like a baby anymore!

Wesley watching the water come up around him.

He's not too sure what is going on.

Got to love those belly rolls!!!

What is this stuff?

My two favorite pictures.

You have to wonder what they think about when they look out into the vast ocean!

Got floaties, will travel.

Not quite so overwhelming to him, I'm sure.
Run, Max run! It's going to catch you!

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