Monday, June 1, 2009

Publix Today

Today's savings
Sorry, no picture again this week. Can't seem to get it all together. :)

1 package Hormell peperoni
1 bottle Spray and Wash Max
2 Taco Bell Dinner kits
2 containers Crystal Light Drink mix
1 loaf Pepperidge Farm Bread
2 packs Jello pudding cups
6 boxes Kraft Mac and Cheese
2 boxes Gogurt yogurt
6 jars Beechnut Baby food
3 double packs Gerber baby food
5 bottles French's Mustard (all free)
2 boxes McCormick black pepper
2 bags Baked Lay's potato chips
3 packages Delmonte Fruit Cups
2 boxes Eggo Waffles
1 package Chips A'Hoy cookies
1 box Capri Sun fruit drinks
2 cans Chef Boy R D ravioli
2 packages Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat
1 Top Round steak
1 large pack of Ground Beef
1 half watermelon1 gallon Publix water
1 bottle Gatorade (penny item)

Total savings $62.37

Total OOP $55.18

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