Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cookies and eggs

I said we werent going to do it but we did it anyway. Don't get me wrong. I like making cookies, decorating, them, and sugar cookies with butter cream, it doesn't get much better than that.  Max always wants to make cookies but they are so time consuming and he usually gets bored after two cookies and I end up doing all the work. I pre iced the cookies so they would be ready to decorate and Max did almost as many as I did. He made a special cookie for everybody in the family. So, I am really glad I decided to go ahead and make them this time. If you notice several repeat patterns it's because I would finish a cookie and Max would say, "Mommy, that is so pretty! Can you do another just like it on this cookie?" How can you say no to that?

Piping expert in the making.

These are mine.

Most of these are Max's

He had to put "Jim" on Paw Paw's cookie.

He is going to leave one of the bunnies for the
Easter bunny to eat.

Max's favorite thing to do for Easter is dye eggs. He starts asking as soon as we start talking about Easter. Since we were going to Dollywood on Thursday, I decided to go ahead and do them on Wednesday. He had to use every color they put in the package and we only dye a few more than a dozen so they are pretty much all different colors. We always dyed eggs when I was growing up and I love carrying on some of my childhood traditions. We do hunt with our dyed egss, too. I bring them with us to my mom's on Sunday and we hide them along with all the plastic eggs. Then on Monday, I normally make a big patch of egg salad.

I try to let him do as much as he can on his own. He will put the deocrations on them, color them with the invisible crayon, put them in the dye, and then turn them over every couple of minutes. We let them sit for a while becuase I like them bright and bold. He can scoop them out of the containers but it's hard to put them in the cardboard container to let them dry. He did a great job and didn't even make a big mess!

Fixing to dip the first egg

All the fiinished eggs

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