Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter Sunday, finally

Well, it's taken a while but I am finally going to finish my last Easter post. Between sickness, baseball, preparations for my surgery, and surgery I just haven't had time (or been able to for several days).

We had a great Easter Sunday! I woke Max up a little early so we could make Resurrection Biscuits but first he had to visit the basket the Easter Bunny had left him. It was nice to get to see the boys go through theirs one at a time instead of together.

Looky, looky! Someone visted Max
and Wesley!

Dennis the Menace on DVD!
No more rewind the VHS!

Got to have that chocolate bunny!

I had seen several friends post about making empty tomb biscuits on their Facebook pages and blogs and wanted to make them this year. I decided to do them on Easter Sunday for part of our breakfast and talk about the real reason we were celebrating Easter that day. Max, in true form, loved making the biscuits and did a wonderful job as always. I am sure Wesley will make huge messes when he gets big enough to cook, since Max always does so well! :)

Flattening out the biscuits to
make the tombs

The marshmellows represent The
Body of Christ.  Dipped into butter
which stands for the oil that was
to annoint his body in the tomb.

Doing the work on his own.

The body in the burial spices
(sugar and cinnamon).

The body was place in the tomb.

The tomb was sealed.

When they came back, the tomb was empty!
When we broke open the buscuits we said,
"The tomb is empty! He is risen!"

After we put the biscuits in the oven I got Wesley up so he could see his Easter basket. He of course wasn't as excited as Max but did like the bag of gummies that were left for him.

Hmm. what's all this?

Not too sure what to do. Just looking.

Finally, he gets into it!

After church we headed to my parents for lunch and more egg hunting. Wesley got bored very, very quickly so Max did most of the hunting. He liked the eggs filled with money the best!

And he's off!

Serious egg hunter!

Why would I want to hunt eggs when I can ...


and use it upside down?

Still on the hunt!


Why not end the day with a friendly
game of Uno?

It again, was a wonderful Easter! Just the most beautiful, perfect spring day to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I hope yours was a wonderful as ours. I truly hope that if you have only celebrated with the world's idea of Easter that you will come to know the true meaning of this day so you may celebrate in a whole new way next year! Lots of love!!

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