Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wesley's 2nd birthday

Okay, I started this October and still haven't finished it so here it is finally!! I've got all summer that has to be caught up on but I have to post the biggest events of the summer and that's birthdays!

Our little wild man turned two in July and we had a great time at the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga. My mom gave the boys a membership last year as a present it we have loved it! We wouldn't mind another one, hint, hint! :)

Since our little guy's most favorite thing is Mickey Mouse I of course had to do a Mickey Mouse party. He had the cutest invitations from Tula Designs! I love, loved them!! His party was early, 10:30, but that left us plenty of time to play in the museum the rest of the day.

In the party room the kids got to play, make crafts, and have their faces painted. Wesley started to let them paint and then changed his mind so he had a smeared half Mickey Mouse on his face the rest of the day.
We had cake, ice cream, and lemonade then the kids were off to play.

We thought we had lost Max for a few minutes because some friends of ours took Max with them and told Rex but Rex didn't inform anyone else of the fact so it was panic mode there for a bit until I found him and knew what was going on. I do have some of the greatest friends in the world and since Max was with them I did get to spend some one on one time with Wes in the museum while he did the smaller children's activities that Max doesn't want to do anymore. The upstairs exhibit changes every 3 months and the exhibit at that time was for body functions. It was pretty gross but all the boys absolutely loved it. I on the other hand was disappointed we didn't have the cute farmers market with the giant tree house that had just been there a few weeks before. But what boy doesn't like a giant boy that you pump air into his stomach to make him burp, a huge talking faucet with giant snot coming out of his nose, a machine that makes different pooting sounds, and one that has different body odors?

We always end our day at the water and overhead playground area. The water is Wesley's favorite and Max now loves all the pulleys and levies there.  The kids all had a great time and Wesley loved it!

His actual birthday was the next day. After church we had more birthday cake and then I took Wes home and Max stayed at mom and dad's. He got his presents from us, a new tricycle and a bubble lawn mower, we played outside, got to have a tractor ride with daddy, and then had his supper of choice, McDonald's. It was a great birthday weekend with my little guy!

Happy 2nd Birthday, my wild little Wesley. You are such a joy! Even though you are stubborn, wild, and cranky a lot of the time you make up for it in your cuteness, silliness, and sweetness. My life wouldn't be complete with out my little monkey boy! Mommy loves you more than you can image and I am thankful God chose me to be your Mommy!!

His Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake.
He still talks about it!

The birthday boy in the birthday chair!

My sweet boys, love them!!

Getting ready for face painting!



Making his birthday crown

Welsey, Max, Cooper, and Alex

Hudson, Wesley love Hudson!!

Meghan and Cason


he loved his Mickey Mouse phone

Emma and Belle

vacuming in the little yellow house

Snot, snot was his name

the burping guy

rooftop fun with Daddy

Jessi and PawPaw's playing the giant operation game

Oh, how I love this boy!

Where's Wesley? Oh behind his BB gun that is bigger than
he is!

Loves his new ride!

and lawn mower

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