Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Star of Wonder

Both boys participated in the children's Christmas play this year. Max's age group started practicing in October for the program, Star of Wonder. Max was given the part of Falling Star, the comic relief and clumsy star fit him to a tee. Wesley and the three other boys his age at church were the wise men. The little rug rats didn't have to practice but just during the final dress rehearsal the day before.

The directors gave us a CD with the music on it for us to listen to and listen to it we did! Between it and the adult choir cantata that is all we listened to in the car for 2 solid months. Needless to say, both the boys new the songs to each backwards and forwards.

Out of all the children's programs I have seen over the years, this one was by far the cutest one I have ever seen. I'm not saying it just because my precious babies were part of it, it was just all around cute and all the kids did a fantastic job.

The older kids were doing great, they remembered their lines, and were singing out loud and strong. (Except for the 2 sisters/angels that were doing some very entertaining dancing, that is.) The Wee Kings came down the isle towards the end and everyone just lost it. They were so cute and started running around and making noises and just being 2 year olds. All that is except for my wild man Wes. He completely and utterly surprised me. He followed his instructions to the letter. He walked, yes walked, down the isle. Walked, again walked, up the stars onto the platform. WALKED across the platform, placed his gift onto baby Jesus, WALKED back across the platform, stood next to Max, and started to sing along with all the big kids. I couldn't get over it. Where did that wild child go that I had brought with me to practice the day before? The one that ran as fast as he could down the isle twice, ran up the stairs, ran across the stage, threw his present, and stopped to sing at ever single microphone he could get his hands on? Where did he go? I don't know but this precious angel was in his place and I have to admit I cried a little.

Everyone at church is still talking about how well they all did and just how cute it was. They all did excellent and I'm so proud of my 2 big boys!!

Role call

Falling Star

The stars

Wes being so good and singing along

My sweet boys

The whole gang

Wee King Wes and Aunt Shia

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