Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another weekend with The Akins

One of our favorite times of the year is when The Akins come for a music revival in January. This family has been coming to our church for 12 years. One of the perks of being a preacher's kid is you get to spend time with ministers and their families when they come to visit your church. Sometimes, you get the great blessing of befriending some wonderful people. The Akins are some of these wonderful people. They feel like family and we love to chance to visit with them each year when they come.

The Akins have had an exciting year with one of their songs making it to #1 on the gospel music charts. They have a song right now that is #21, too. We are so excited for them and so glad God is blessing them through the success of their newest album!

Max LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the Akins. I didn't think anyone could like them any better than Max but little Wes loves them just as much. Wes only wants  to and only asks to listen to The Akins in the car. He can sing along with every song and it sure is sweet to hear that precious 2 year old voice sings songs that glorify the Father! My parent's had them over to their house Friday night after the concert. It was my dad's birthday so we had a little birthday celebration, some food, and great fellowship. We had a blast playing Band Hero with them and laughed ourselves silly. The newest member of the Akins, Zach, is a perfect fit and felt just like family, too. Nick's wife, Julie, was able to come and she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. I am so thankful my boys have these awesome guys to look up to as role models. They are truly wonderful men doing God's work and it's so great for young men and even boys to see that with their own eyes. You know they love the Lord and are striving to walk in His path. We always have a great time but this weekend was really a fabulous one! We Love you guys and can't wait until next year!!

The Akins!

Wesley stood up and clapped along with everyone else!

Nick let Wes play his drums!

Max and Eli taking their turn at Band Hero

Rocking out

YMCA everybody!

Zach and Davey's turn

Now Davey is rockin out

Nick and Davey's turn

Wes had to get Paw Paw's man out.

Daddo's bday cake

Zack, Max, Wes, and Eli.
Wes LOVED Zach and sat between he and Eli most of the time.

Nick and Wes

Love this one!!

Max and Nick, with the spy glasses

Waiting for the last concert to start

My sweet little Wes

Clapping away