Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter 2011

Boy, I just can't seem to find time to blog. I'm hoping we will slow down just a little over the summer! Probably won't happen but a girl can dream. We spent Easter Sunday this year in Atlanta with family. The kids had a great time playing and hunting eggs. Max also had an egg hunt at school which was super fun along with a great Easter party. Enjoy some pictures of our fun weekend!

My wild little Wes man

Max with Evan and Grayson

My sweet Max

Max's class getting ready for the egg hunt

Waiting on the green light to go

and they are off...

Max and Mrs. Baker

I love my sweet Max!

Easter party snacks

Max's table in his classroom

Our Easter breakfast tradition: Resurrection Buscuits

The marshmellows represent Jesus's body
After his death he was annointed with oil

Then burial spices

Then placed in the tomb

Then the tomb was sealed

3 days later the tomb was empty

Max is excited! He is Risen! He is alive!

Wesley's Easter basket

Max's Easter basket

Wes and Rory

Nanny and Wesley

He's ready to go!

Ended the day by playing in the creek

Uncle Johnny hosed them off when they were finished. 

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