Sunday, July 12, 2009

So fun to be 1!

Wesley turned one year old on Saturday, July 11th. I still can't believe he is one. It seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. How can a year fly by in a flash?

We celebrated Wesley's birthday at our church with some friends and family. I started planning when he was about 7 months old. I love birthdays and love to go all out for birthdays. I really go the extra mile for their first birthday because it is so special and they really won't remember their first birthday.

I chose a cupcake pattern I fell in love with online and everything just fell into place from there. I stayed up many late nights making all the invitations, candle favors, favor bags, and centerpieces for the tables.

When I started looking for the perfect cake, I found a giant cupcake pan from Wilton and knew I had to have it for the smash cake. I decided to match the rest of the cake to the napkins and plates. After many long hours of baking and decorating it came out just like I had envisioned. It was a lot of hard work and stress but it was so worth it in the end. I can see now why someone priced me the cake at $75. All those classes did pay off in the end!

We had a really good time. The turn out was not as good as I was expecting but that happens sometimes. We had lots of riding toys and pop up play huts for the kids to play in. We had lots of food and tons of cake! Wesley seemed to have a blast and all the effort was it worth for my sweet baby boy.

This boy loves his coozy car.

Emma and Belle playing on the roller coaster.

Someone was sleepy before he got his cake.

Make a wish Wesley!

I had to take all the fondant dots off because he was only eating them and not the cake.

This boy is always pointing at something.

Can I really do this?

He sucked on the icing for several minutes. He got chocked at one point he sucked in so much icing. He only ate a tiny bit of cake but had tons of icing. No wonder he wasn't sleepy anymore once he had his cake.

He kept his little feet crossed like this the whole time.

That is one cute face covered in icing.

Wesley wanted to share with Nana's.

He actually sat with me while we opened presents. He didn't care too much about the paper and pulling things from the bags. He really liked the cards. He wanted to open them all and look at them.

Abby and Neely playing on Wesley's new ride Aunt Shia got him.

This is fun! He loves this car already. We have taken a stroll around the property every evening since his birthday.

Favor station.

On Sunday after church, we had another little celebration. My grandmother made my sisters and I all a small yellow cake with chocolate icing when we turned one. Mom carried on the tradition with my boys. My parents moved last year and mom still hasn't found everything so his cake was a little bit big but we all enjoyed it.

Like I said, he is always pointing.

My big boy in his birthday outfit.

Pointing, again.

One finger eating, yes it's fun!

Yes, another pointing one!

Max had to take a lick, too.

Again, I get to do this again!!

There's nothing like a face covered in chocolate icing.

Dirty boys need baths in Nana's sink.

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Ok, girl that was way cute! You did a fantasic job :) I'm not impressed though, you are a creative girl :)