Monday, April 6, 2009

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday was our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt. This year we broke into age groups to read a story. Max's age read the book The Resurrection Eggs. Then they broke up into groups for the egg hunt. Of course it isn't much of a challenge it's just ready set go and grab some eggs. Max and Wesley were in different sections so my mom went with Max and my dad and I went with Wesley.

I was presently surprised when Wesley actually picked up the eggs on his own. He would pick them up and shake them. Then of course he would try to eat them and drop them. The ground was still wet or I'm sure he would have crawled around. They had a ton of eggs for the baby age so Max's group got to come and finish hunting the baby eggs. I was glad because I was able to watch Max get some eggs as well. Max would see an egg he wanted and would by-pass lots of eggs to go after the one he wants. I guess boys are born with tunnel vision!

After the fun and excitement of hunting eggs, we have a hot dog lunch and door prizes. Max won a pink blow up bunny rabbit and Wesley won a box of gummies. Max has already enjoyed some of Wesley's prize but he doesn't want Wesley to play with his bunny. Now for the week before Easter, we will dye some eggs tomorrow, make Resurrection rolls (thanks for the idea LeeAnne and Alicia), and a few more egg hunts! I really hope it warms up before Sunday! I don't want to have to warm coats and gloves like we did last Easter!

Since Wesley has gotten his bottom teeth, he sticks his tongue out constantly.

It looks like he was putting it in the basket but he was really just shaking it.

Max filling up Wesley's basket since his was already full.

Thanks big brother for all the eggs in my basket!

My sweet big boy! I love how the sun is making him glow.

The two sweetest boys in the world.

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this is great. I have a lot of pictures to post,,can't decide which ones i love the times!