Monday, April 20, 2009

A day at Callaway

Last Tuesday we took a day trip with our church to Callaway Gardens. Max loves to go on church trips. He loves riding the big bus, getting to sit in the co-pilot's seat next to his Paw Paw's, and the fun we have on our trips. It was spring break in Whitfield county last week so there were some other kids on the trip for a change. Max really thought he was one of the big boys and spent a lot of time playing with the older boys that came along.

We left bright and early at 8:00 am. If you know us, you know we are usually still asleep at this time. Yes, we are late sleepers and boy am I going to hate it when Max starts school and we have to get up early!! We stopped and eat lunch before we got to Callaway and then headed into the Gardens. I really need to do some research but from what I understand the gardens were made for Ida Cason Callaway by her husband. We saw some beautiful azaleas but there weren't as many as I had remembered in the past. I was a little disappointed with the tulips. Tulips are my favorite flowers so I was looking forward to them the most. The last time we were there they were gorgeous. The cold and rain had a lot to with it I'm sure.

It was overcast and breezy which made it great for walking outside. Max loved the butterfly pavilion. He chased after the butterflies trying to catch them. He didn't quite understand that they get scared off by movement.

It was a very long day but so worth the effort it took to take them both!!

Max and Paw Paw's hiding behind a sign in the vegetable garden. Max didn't want his picture made, imagine!!!

Dad, Wesley, and Jessica

This is the only way you catch a 4 year old on film who doesn't want his picture made!

I loved this tree!! It wasn't marked but someone called it a Grampa's Whiskers. Anyone ever heard of one or know what it is? Let me know, I want to plant one!

Unknown flower but so pretty.


Wesley liked slapping the butterfly info card.

One landed on Jessi's hand.

Christian had 3 or 4 land on him.

Wesley touching the butterfly.

The Horticultural center had little kid's paths in it and Max loved them.

Look what I found!



Azaleas and Easter lilies

The chapel

The view from the front of the chapel.

One of the stained glass windows. There are six stained glass windows in this small chapel. One in the front and one in the back of the chapel and four down one wall. The four down the wall are all the different plants from the four seasons. My pictures didn't turn out so well of them. They were all gorgeous.


Tammy On the Go said...

nice job!

LeeAnne said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I can't wait to go back to Calloway!