Thursday, April 2, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

This one is going to be a long one with lots of pictures. I have had things to posted every day but boy what a week. We were gone all day long Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Wesley started getting sick on Tuesday so I took him to the doctor yesterday when he ran a 102 fever all night and woke up with it the next morning. Poor baby has his first ear infection. Of course, I got nothing done yesterday because he ran the fever all day and would not let me put him down at all. My arms are so soar today from carrying him and holding him all day long. He is feeling a little bit better but still running a low grade temp.

Saturday we went to Max's friends Meghan's birthday party at the Little Gym. He had a ball! He loves that place, I just can't afford to send him there. When we pulled up to the gym he said, "Wow! They have a new set up in there!" He is so funny. The newest addition was the rings. Max loved them. Here a few pictures and a couple of action shots.

Wesley slept through half of the party. How babies can sleep in so much noise has always amazed me!

Meghan aka Dorothy, the birthday girl swinging while sticking out her tongue.

Wesley got into a little bit after he woke up. He enjoyed crawling on the padded mats and crawling through this square.

I purchased a bath seat at the consignment sale on Saturday. If you saw the previous post where both boys were in Wesley's tub, I thought this would be a good solution. Max loved that Wesley was in the tub with him and not so separate. Wesley LOVED the water. Of course he has had probably a hundred baths already but this was his first time not in the baby tub. I guess being able to move around makes a difference. Here are a few pictures and then a video of Wesley splashing in the water.

Yes, Max is squirting Wesley in the head. Wesley would laugh and laugh every time Max would do it. I kept getting onto him and he would say, "but he likes it mommy!"

Wesley was also very interested in a specific part of his anatomy.

I have been slowly getting out all of the spring baby clothes. I found this cute bunny outfit I forgot I had when Max was a baby. It has pants that match but I can't find them. I had to take a few pictures of this cute little bunny butt!

Lastly for today...

That takes talent!!!

Playing the saxophone and the guitar at the same time!

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LeeAnne said...

Cute pictures! I love the B&W bath pictures, and I love how you captured Max squirting the water, mid-stream, at Wesley.

Those bunny pants are hilarious! I don't think I remember seeing them on Max when he was a baby. LOL at your multi-talented musician. :)