Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun at the pool

We stayed at a beautiful resort, The Fountains, in Orlando. They had a huge pool with a water slide and kiddie area. There was also an indoor/outdoor pool at the club house that we swam in the first night we arrived. It was heated and felt like being in a big bath tub. Max loves the hot pool, aka the jacuzzi, and loves to sit at the gutters, aka the jets.

We spent the majority of Tuesday and Wednesday at the pool. Wesley loved it just as much as Max. It amazes me daily how different my boys are. The first year we took Max to the beach he hated the water and the ocean. He would let me ride him on the lazy river and when he fell asleep I could put him under our umbrella on the beach and he was fine. Wesley loved the pool, the sand, and the ocean. Max wasn't scared at all this year of the water. He was ready to swim as soon as we got there. He wouldn't go down the water slide until Wednesday but once he did he went down about 5 times. It was really fun, I went several times myself.

The weather was wonderful but we did get rained out on Tuesday afternoon. We went driving to check out Downtown Disney and downtown Orlando Tuesday evening. I would have loved to explore Downtown Disney but it was just too yucky. I couldn't believe how much stuff there was to do there. We spent most all day at the pool on Wednesday and then the evening in the room. It was nice to have a couple of calm relaxing days to swim and take naps!

Ready to get in!

Look mommy, I can stand!

Max getting on the water slide.

Max landing in the water after his ride down the slide.

The water slide

The kiddie water spray area, The Wet Saloon.

There were ducks all over the resort. There were several ponds on the property. One of the ducks even came into the pool on Wednesday.

Some of the fountains on the resort.

Wesley did take a nap at the pool on Wednesday.

There's nothing like sleeping in Nana's arms.

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