Monday, May 18, 2009

Road trip with a Ten Month Old

Wesley turned 10 months old last Monday. In honor of that day we decided to drive to Florida. :) It went a lot smoother than I expected. Wesley used to be a wonderful car rider but has lately decided that he hates his car seat. We drove my mom and dad's van so at least we had more room and I could move from the front seat to the back seat when needed.

We headed out Sunday after church and went to visit both of my grandma's for Mother's Day and spent the night with my Nanny Scott. Wow, did it help being past a little below Atlanta to start our drive on Monday. We got up bright and early and were in the car by 7:00 am. You know that is amazing for me!!! LOL! We of course made several stops on the way down and we arrived in Florida around 3:00.

Max road with my mom and dad so I only had to entertain Wesley which helped out tremendously. What do you do with a 10 month old on a road trip, you may ask. Well, you...

Do fun things like taring up paper.

Wow, mommy you are really letting me make a mess?

Playing with brother's Lighting McQueen car.

Wesley's new trick when he gets a gun.

Mommy, took advantage of some of the time to clip coupons hence the paper taring for Wesley.

He also slept for a good part of the trip so I got to do some reading. I love to read and just don't seem to have the time since Wesley came along. The last hour of the trip was pretty rough but all in all it went really well.

Now, for a 10 month update:
Wesley now has 6 teeth and his top eye teeth are cutting. You can see and feel them under the gums and it made him a little cranky on vacation. He is still nursing and eating baby food but now wants table food more. If I want him to eat baby food, I have to feed him first and then I can eat regular food. You can not eat food in front of him without feeding him some now. He is still having some issues with dairy but it is getting better. I am able to eat a little more now but just in small quantities. I can eat a couple of slices of pizza now as long as that is all the dairy I have for the day.

He is sleeping okay. When he is well he only gets up once during the night but he has been so sick we haven't had much of that. He is not sleeping swaddled any more. I wish he would. He slept so much better when he did.

He is so stubborn. This has really just started showing in the last couple of weeks. If he does not get his way he will scream or cry. He is so strong willed already, I am afraid of what he is going to be like when he is 2 and 3. He has the strongest grip. I swear, he has more strength in his little hands than I do in mine.

He is still the sweetest, smiliest baby. He has the sweetest and most contagious laugh. He loves to flirt and is already a charmer. He still has his dimples but they are harder to see with his big fat cheeks. He is usually laid back and happy. He loves music and to be sung to.

He is starting to play with Max more and usually wants whatever Max has. Max is still jealous sometimes but all in all does great with him. Wesley is now jealous of Max though. Whenever Max is sitting in my lap, Wesley will stop whatever he is doing, come and stand in front of us, and cry until I put Max down and pick him up.

He is crawling fast as lightning and cruising all over the place. He pulls up on everything. If something can be pushed then he is walking behind it pushing it. He can stand on his own without holding onto anything. He has taken one or two steps several times so I know walking is just around the corner. He wants to be a big boy faster than I want him to. I can't believe he will be one in just two months.

Here a few pictures of the big boy from this week.


Tammy On the Go said...

florida? adn you did not come see me???

Alicia said...

Wesley is getting so big! That is a cool pic of him with the sky in the background.
Sounds like he's learning his gun stuff from Max.