Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome back MckMama to Not Me Monday! The creator of this fun and honest post has picked it back up again since baby Stellan is home from the hospital. Check out her blog for more Not Me Monday posts!

I would never put my son, who thinks he has to be held all day, in his crib while trying to clean his room. I would never continue cleaning his room after he started crying. I would then not find pictures of the event captured on film while downloading pictures. I never leave my camera where my 4 year old can get it and take pictures unknowingly to me.

I would never put Wesley in his excersaucer so I could take a shower. I would never rush through the shower because he is crying in it and when he stops try to enjoy the rest of my shower. I would never come in the living room and find him asleep and the excersaucer. I would never leave him there to sleep because he hadn't slept any that day. Never! My children always take naps in their bed.

As posted yesterday, I would never let Max pull Wesley around in a wagon made to carry Lego's. That would be dangerous, it might flip Wesley out on the concrete!! I didn't not laugh the entire time because they were having so much fun!

I would never let Max have a piece of cake I made when I got home from my cake class. It was after 9:00 when I got home. He would not still be awake that late and be able to eat cake. No never!!

Max would never wear his Sponge Bob Halloween costume in April! I would never tell him to go and put it on because every time he wears it Wesley laughs hysterically.

I didn't get chuckled at by the lady checking out my groceries when Max asked me, "Mom, do we have a coupon for this candy? Then, why can't we buy it?" I have not already taught my 4 year old son that if we don't have a coupon or it's not on sale we don't buy it and if we do have a coupon it doesn't mean we are buying it! LOL!

Lastly, I would never let Max skip Bible Study Fellowship because he spent the night with his Nana's and Paw Paw's and wanted to stay at their house that morning. I didn't love having a quiet morning with only getting one child ready and getting do some shopping all alone after BSF was over. Never, not me. I never enjoy alone time!


Kristi said...

Too funny, my 4 year old carries a Jedi lightsaber everywhere we go on his pants. You boys are cute. See you around Mcmama's.


HomeSpun Threads said...

me neither a word of it! ; )

HomeSpun Threads said...
I thought you might be interested???
It's for Silhouettes and Aprons!