Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello savings! Where have you been?

I have been out of the coupon loop for a while but am starting to restock on some of the items I have been gettin low on. Here are my savings from my trip to Publix today. Sorry, no picture!

Today's Publix's savings
4 Del Monte fruit cup packs (rain check)
2 bundles green onions
1 package LaToritilla factory tortillas
1 package of small cucumbers
1 bag Publix powdered sugar1
box Apple Jacks
1 box Fruit Loops
2 bottles Lawry's Marinade
1 bag Boca Crumbles
2 Dannon yogurt 6 packs
6 boxes Duncan Hines Cake mix
1 package Baby Bell cheese
1 jar Duncan Hines Frosting
1 Revlon nail clippers

Total before savings $53.94

Total savings $ 34.10

Total OOP $ 19.84