Friday, September 18, 2009

A long weekend in St. Augastine

My mom and dad invited us to join them in St. Augustine last week. Rex, the boys, my older sister Alicia, and I all headed out on Thursday. We stayed at World Golf Village. It was really nice and had a great pool.

Max swam a lot but he did more night swimming because it rained during the day most days. Max loved swimming at night. That is something we don't usually do on vacation. We normally do all our pool activities during the day and other activities at night. Our room was on the bottom level right out side the pool area so it was nice to be able to watch Max when we were in the room. It had a screened in porch so Wesley spent a lot of time out there with bubbles.

My aunt and uncle are living in Jacksonville right now because my aunt is on the transplant list for a new heart and they have to be near Mayo when and if it is her time for surgery. They came down and ate dinner with us on Friday. We went to an outdoor seafood restaurant on 6 Mile called Outback Crab Shack. I wish I had a picture of the huge seafood platter we got! Their daughter and her kids drove down on Saturday for the day. It was nice to get to see and spend time with family.

We shopped during the day of Sunday and then drove over to downtown St. Augustine, the beach, and light house. We were going to walk out on the pier but you had to have a fishing license and the waves were so large and rough we didn't even try to venture out onto the beach. Max wanted to go to the lighthouse so drove over to it before heading back into downtown for dinner. He really wanted to climb the 219 steps to the top but we got there 30 minutes before closing and decided we didn't have enough time to pay the price of admission.

We ate dinner at a neat restaurant, Scarlet O'Hara's, downtown. After dinner we walked around downtown for a while and decided to get some gelato from and Italian bakery and ice cream shop. It was delicious and Wesley really enjoyed it.

We had a wonderful time and the boys did well for the most part. Everyone got to see Wesley's true colors because he did have a really, really bad day on Saturday and screamed the majority of the day. That is no exaggeration. I did discover 3 teeth that are coming in yesterday. Out of the 3 he has a molar and eye tooth coming in so I am sure that was part of the problem on Saturday. I am really looking forward to going back sometime and hopefully it won't rain as much and we can do some of tours they offer downtown.

I really do feel blessed to have a wonderful family that I love and love to spend time with. Our vacations are just much more special since we spend them with our family and not just the four of us. I take it for granted that everyone doesn't get a long with their parents and siblings and really enjoy each others company.

Swimming on Friday, our only sunny day!

It took Alicia and me several minutes to even get Wesley in his new float. He loves the water but doesn't like floats.

Who needs toys, when you have a luggage cart to play on?

The only thing we found that made Wesley stop screaming.

Walking around with his float on his head.

In the year 3000! That is what dad got Max to say when he was wearing the float.

The oldest house in St. Augastine

The waves at the pier.

Going into the Lighthouse.

This was an indoor set of shops on one of the walking streets in the downtown area.

Max had to have these wax vampire teeth. Watch out, Edward Cullen! :)

Wes feeding himself gelato.

It's a good thing he's so cute. It makes up for that horrible temper he has!

Brotherly love and silliness!

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