Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How do you eat yogurt?

Wesley is so independent. It really drives me crazy sometimes. He is only 14 months old for crying out loud! He shouldn't be wanting to do all this stuff yet! He has started wanting to feed himself with a spoon and I have been letting him do it here and there. I know, I know I shouldn't slow his progress but he's my baby and should be doing baby things! Ugghhh!!!

He insisted on eating some yogurt yesterday so I let him feed himself. How does a 14 month old insist on eating yogurt? He opens the fridge, takes it off the shelf, and brings it to me. Yes, he can do it all and all by himself. So I ask, "How do you eat your yogurt?"

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Diana said...

Ellie is the same way! She also uses similar technique when feeding herself too funny!